USCG Online Client Eric K Progress Photos:

Eric is a U.S. Coast Guard Online client from Hawaii. We have only been working together a few months but he has listened to everything I’ve assigned. So far we’ve used a 5 day carb cycling format with a 4 day weight training split, Core/Cardio trained throughout. Hiking & Swimming were some of the main forms of cardio used. We are now going to switch to a lean bulking format. Stay tuned for next progress shots.

Eric K

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Understanding & Avoiding Back Pain


Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. Most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic – meaning they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or cancer. Experts estimate that as much as 80 percent of the […]

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Latest piece by our friend Mr. Zhasni

zhasni apex contest prep

For those into bodybuilding, he is the undisputed KING in motivational videos:  

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2 Free Quest Bars, No catch!


I love Quest Bars.  They are not sold in stores, you must them online.  The macro’s and Ingredients are superior to most bars on the market.  Lots of fiber, low carb/sugar, low fat, high quality, and high amount of protein, gluten free, just sucralose or stevia for sweeteners, and only a few ingredients on the […]

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Hand Inked Kai Greene & Others: Created by friend David Domingos from Portugal


My buddy David just sent me this Ink drawing he created of Kai Greene.  He’s a very talented 20 year old living in Portugal.   I wanted to share a little bit of his work.  This Kai Greene piece is just one of many he’s created.  He has a semi-abstract realism style of Art.  I […]

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Progress photos of Apex client Josh H

josh H

I’ve been helping Josh for almost 2 years now.  This October I’ve had the privilege to finally meet and work with him and person which I have only been able to do with maybe 3% of my Online clients due to most being all over the world.  We had 3 really hardcore sessions while he […]

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7 Weeks into Apex Routine – Shevahn Client update Progress:

Shevahn progress Apex Online Training Client

I wanted to share the latest update / progress photos from my client Shevahn.  She is 7 weeks into an Apex program and has been doing above average.  She doesn’t compete or anything but you couldn’t tell!  She also is one of those clients who follow instructions really well. I have her on special variation […]

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Congratulations Rachel – 3rd place in First Figure competition: 2013 GNC

Rachel Apex Contest Prep Online Training Client

I just want to give a congratulations to online client Rachel for achieving 3rd place in the 2013 GNC Fouad Abiad Open Figure Class in Ontario, Canada.  Rachel  came to me several months ago with a solid MMA background / training base, and wanted to try her luck in figure competition.  She followed all my […]

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Product Review: True Gentlemen’s Jerky


First let me say Thanks to TGJ for sending me their new Jerky product to try.  They never asked for any type of review but I figured I would since I do eat Jerky from time to time.  Jerky is something you can have on most diets when it fits your macros and rules of […]

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Congrats to Online Client Maranda (Mother of 3) 1st place in her first bikini competition!


I’m very proud of Maranda for working so hard.  She listened to every single thing I said, I couldn’t ask for a better online client.  What makes her story so unique and inspirational, is she is a mother of 3, and her youngest was just 9 months old when we started this contest prep routine.  […]

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What’s in your gym bag? Here’s the contents in mine:

GENr8 Vitargo Bag

I just received my new Vitargo gym bag in the mail from my sponsor GENr8 (Thank you). I’m switching over all the contents from my old MuscleTech bag now. I received this bag from them personally at the MuscleTech HQ in Canada WAY back in 2009. It’s completely trashed now after much use. Broken shoulder […]

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Guide to cuts of Beef & Red Meat in the diet:

Beef Cuts

Here is an easy to use pictograph on different cuts of red meat.  Most of the diets I design I use red meat, regardless if the client is dieting to lose fat or lean bulking.  However, it’s usually limited to one serving every few days, and I usually strategically will include it with the lowest […]

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Interview with Craig Golias


Interview with Craig Golias I had a chance to Interview Craig Golias about his bodybuilding past, present, and plans for the future.  Craig is definitely a heavy weight, and his known for having a freaky big physique!  See what he had to say here: When & how did you get started with bodybuilding? I got started with bodybuilding […]

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Dave Bohr with

Interview with Shredded Nation

Dave Bohr Interview with I recently did an Interview with that published this weekend.  I speak about my life, dieting & training philosophies, and share some strategies I use:  

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POGAMAT XXL: Apex Product Review


This weekend I was sent the new PogaMat from the manufacture to review and give my unbiased opinion on:   The PogaMat is a essentially a high end Yoga/Exercise Mat; but it’s also a multi-purpose mat that has a lot of other practical applications.  I received their top model; the XXL which is is 48”x78”x6mm […]

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Ronnie Coleman Interview – With Apex Contest Prep Part 2

Ronnie Coleman Interview

I had a chance to sit down with Ronnie Coleman this past week to do a follow up part 2 Interview to our first.  I wanted to focus on what retirement life is like after Olympia, when you’re the most successful Bodybuilder of all time. Ronnie has more 1st place wins in Professional Bodybuilding more […]

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Motivational Bodybuilding video: Need motivation prior to training today?


Thank you Mr. Zhasni for creating this motivational bodybuilding video for me.  Kai Greene is probably my favorite Athlete/Bodybuilder so this means a lot.

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Online Client Seb photos – 2014 Miami Pro Fitness Modeling Contest

image (2)

I wanted to say Congrats to my client Seb for competing & placing in his first competition.  He competed in the Fitness model category in the  Miami Pro 2014 World Championships.  It was held this weekend in Hertfordshire in the UK.  Here are some of the photos of Seb from the show.  Seb is an […]

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