Sold Out: Thanksgiving Sale: EXP: 11/30/16

Apex Online Training Thanksgiving Sale:

thanksgiving online personal training sale

This Thanksgiving my annual sale will last 10 days to get 10% off all Online Training Packages!

Slots are very limited this year, so I can only fill 3 slots.  This is also why unfortunately I could only run the sale 10 days this year vs. the entire month of November.


To get a FREE price quote, consultation, and to check availability feel free to contact:


Click to -> Contact

To Email Direct:


NOTE: Since many want to enjoy the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years, ect) You’re able to take advantage of this discount on a package now, and redeem it later on a target start date of your choice within 90 days.  Enjoy your holiday cheat meals!

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Latest Zhasni Motivation Bodybuilding Video- HARD WORK


Latest Zhasni Motivation Bodybuilding Video- HARD WORK: Mr. Zhasni has been making best highlight and compilation style bodybuilding videos for the last decade.  Watching his content is a great form of “pre-workout”.  Give it a watch!  

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My Interview with Sergio Oliva Jr. – Son of the great Sergio Oliva

sergio oliva jr interview with apex contest prep

I had the chance recently to interview Sergio Oliva Jr. son of the famous Sergio Oliva. He’s the only man to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Mr. Olympia contest and he did it twice.  Sergio Jr. is proving to be his own man though, his bodybuilding progress has completely taken off.  He’s gained over 100lbs […]

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Apex Online Client Progress Upate: Jake C, US Army Blackhawk Pilot:

Jake C Apex Client Progress

Here is a progress shot of one of my Military clients Jake.  He’s been an online client for a while now and he’s one of the hardest working clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  The majority of his dieting and training under me has been with limited food choices and resources, on a strict schedule […]

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Thanks to fellow fitness friend Bill Romanowski (4x super bowl champ) for Nutrition53 care package.

ApexContestPrep pic for Nutrition53

I just received a supplement care package in the mail from CEO of Nutrition53, Bill Romanowski (4x SuperBowl champ) and a very accomplished NFL player.  He’s also worked as a sports caster for ESPN and has been in several movies.  I know personally Bill has played 243 consecutive NFL games never has missed one, and like myself is extremely […]

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What Happens When You Stop Eating?

what happens if you stopped eating?

What Happens When You Stop Eating? This animated 3 minute video clip breaks down the medical science behind breaking down fat and other forms of energy as the body transitions into starvation.  It goes over the course of  6 hours to 70 days, and explains what the body is going through during each stage.  It also speaks briefly […]

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Started Vitargo POST from my sponsor, so far so good!


Trying Vitargo POST I’ve been a longtime fan of the regular Vitargo before they sponsored me.  This is a step up from the already popular Vitargo, it also contains a unique blend of Hydrolyzed Whey (Fastest acting protein with the highest biological value).  This makes sense to stack with a fast acting carb source post workout. […]

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Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe (My Healthier Version)

ingredients for orange chix

Healthier Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe: If you love Panda express orange chicken.  Try this it’s around 3x lower in fat using only breast meat, less breading, less oil (and canola oil vs. vegetable). First I used the following ingredients to make a 3lb batch: -Sliced Chicken breast into 1″ cubes -3 eggs beaten to dip […]

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Client progress update #229


Really happy with client Roger this weekend. He did well in competition for Physique and worked his tail off. He had the occasional cheat meals but I allow that with most of my clients every so often. We still have some work to do and are going to focus on building up his shoulders and […]

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Client Andrew E. Lean Bulking Progress update:

Andrew progress apex online training client

I have been helping Andrew lean bulk for about a year now.  We’ve managed to keep him super low bodyfat while slowly adding lean body mass & strength the entire process.  He Bod Pod (air displacement) body fat tested at just 3.63% this time last year (see attachment).   Even with such low bodyfat and strict […]

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Pauline Nordin from Fighter Diet: Interview (Part 2)


 Apex: So it’s been awhile since our last Interview.  What has changed since then if anything? Pauline: Fighter Diet has grown. Hitting one million on social media in a few weeks! I also launched my fitness solution Live Life Lean which is built around a workout and diet app. I’m very excited about this project. On […]

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Ronnie Coleman Interview – With Apex Contest Prep Part 2

Ronnie Coleman Interview

I had a chance to sit down with Ronnie Coleman this past week to do a follow up part 2 Interview to our first.  I wanted to focus on what retirement life is like after Olympia, when you’re the most successful Bodybuilder of all time. Ronnie has more 1st place wins in Professional Bodybuilding more […]

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USCG Online Client Eric K Progress Photos:

Eric K

Eric is a U.S. Coast Guard Online client from Hawaii. We have only been working together a few months but he has listened to everything I’ve assigned. So far we’ve used a 5 day carb cycling format with a 4 day weight training split, Core/Cardio trained throughout. Hiking & Swimming were some of the main […]

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Congrats to Online Client Maranda (Mother of 3) 1st place in her first bikini competition!


I’m very proud of Maranda for working so hard.  She listened to every single thing I said, I couldn’t ask for a better online client.  What makes her story so unique and inspirational, is she is a mother of 3, and her youngest was just 9 months old when we started this contest prep routine.  […]

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What’s in your gym bag? Here’s the contents in mine:

GENr8 Vitargo Bag

I just received my new Vitargo gym bag in the mail from my sponsor GENr8 (Thank you).  I’m switching over all the contents from my old MuscleTech bag now. I received this bag from them personally at the MuscleTech HQ in Canada. It’s completely trashed now after much use over the years. Broken shoulder strap, […]

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Guide to cuts of Beef & Red Meat in the diet:

Beef Cuts

Here is an easy to use pictograph on different cuts of red meat.  Most of the diets I design I use red meat, regardless if the client is dieting to lose fat or lean bulking.  However, it’s usually limited to one serving every few days, and I usually strategically will include it with the lowest […]

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POGAMAT XXL: Apex Product Review


This weekend I was sent the new PogaMat from the manufacture to review and give my unbiased opinion on:   The PogaMat is a essentially a high end Yoga/Exercise Mat; but it’s also a multi-purpose mat that has a lot of other practical applications.  I received their top model; the XXL which is is 48”x78”x6mm […]

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Shaker Cup Review:

Shaker Cups

If you’re an athlete or weight train, shaker cups can be extremely useful.  I always recommend to my clients & friends (especially busy ones) to get a several at least a week’s worth and pre-fill them with your protein & supplements so you can just grab one as you need.  Such as when heading out the […]

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Pauline Nordin IFBB Pro Interview

Wrapping-0031Photo by- Pavel Ythjall

I had the pleasure to Interview IFBB pro Pauline Nordin this week.  She’s extremely intelligent and one of the most disciplined dieter’s I have ever met.  Read on, and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Q) What are some of the peaking techniques you apply when preparing for a show or big photo shoot to come in […]

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Calories Info Graph:

Info graph on calorie consumption.  The creator contacted me after reading my 20,000 calorie strong man post asking if I would be willing to share it.  I don’t totally agree with everything in it but still very interesting!     Source:

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I just received “Thrive” Supplements to Review – My thoughts


I just received this package containing Thrive supplements so I could give them a try and review.  So far I’ve taken all 3 products.  The Thrive Capsules, Thrive Lifestyle mix, and the Thrive DFT patches.  Like all products I’m sent to try I try to remain as unbiased as possible.  Just about anything you take […]

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697 Protein Powders Reviewed:

697 Protein Powders Reviewed: I was recently sent this to share on Apex by  Its very informative and much effort/time was put into this. Enjoy: We inspected the ingredients of 697 flavors of protein powders, and only eight of them were truly risk-free. The sports nutrition industry has a history littered with lawsuits, misleading […]

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