Happy Veterans Day.

Thank you, to all the brave Men and Women who have served this Country.

If you are in New York, NY – Check out, Skinny Buddha Café.

Skinny Buddha is owned and operated in Westchester New York by two clients of mine. Shaka a Boxer and Personal Trainer, and Elyce, an Organic Vegan Chef. They have been with me now for several years, most recently renewing for a 3rd time. Both are Vegan and have made incredible progress on a completely organic […]

Congrats to 3 clients that competed this weekend – All pulled off top 3 placings, with a pro card earned and 2x division 1st place wins!

  Giving a quick shout out to 3 hard working online training clients of mine; Adriana, Karlos, and Katherine that competed this weekend in the IPL.  All busting their tails these last several weeks/months and not quitting.  I helped each for different periods of time with different dieting / contest prep strategies, based on the […]

Epiphany Meal Prep Review:

Epiphany Meal Prep Review:     By now, most of us have heard of “Meal Prep” companies as they have been popping up everywhere.  They can be a great resource for anyone who doesn’t have time to cook every day, or at all.  Even if you don’t mind meal prepping, using a proper meal prep […]

Interview with Sergio Oliva Jr. – Son of the only man to ever defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I recently had the chance to interview Sergio Oliva Jr, son of the famous Sergio Oliva. He’s the only man to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Mr. Olympia contest, and he did it twice.  Sergio Jr. is proving to be his own man though.  His bodybuilding progress has completely taken off.  Sergio has gained over […]

Thanks Bill Romanowski (4x super bowl champ) for the Nutrition53 care package!

I just received a supplement package in the mail today from Bill Romanowski, the CEO of Nutrition53 and NFL 4x Super Bowl champion!  Bill has worked for ESPN as a Sports Caster, played in 243 consecutive NFL games and has never missed a game (unheard of). He is a very health conscious guy.  Recently after […]

Roger G. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

Really happy with client Roger this weekend. He did well in competition for Physique and worked his tail off. He had the occasional cheat meals but I allow that with most of my clients every so often. We still have some work to do and are going to focus on building up his shoulders and […]

Pauline Nordin from Fighter Diet: Interview (Part 2)

 Apex: So it’s been awhile since our last Interview.  What has changed since then if anything? Pauline: Fighter Diet has grown. Hitting one million on social media in a few weeks! I also launched my fitness solution Live Life Lean which is built around a workout and diet app. I’m very excited about this project. On […]

Ronnie Coleman Interview – With Apex Contest Prep Part 2

I had a chance to speak with Ronnie Coleman to do a follow-up interview to our first.  I wanted to focus on what retirement life is like after Olympia when you are the most successful Bodybuilder of all time. Ronnie has more 1st place wins in Professional Bodybuilding more than any man in history. He also […]

Apex Online Client Progress Upate: Jake C, US Army Blackhawk Pilot:

Here is a progress shot of one of my Military clients, Jake.  He’s been an online client for a while now and he’s one of the hardest working clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  The majority of his dieting and training under me has been with limited food choices and resources, on a strict […]

Congrats to Online Client Maranda (Mother of 3) 1st place in her first bikini competition!

I’m very proud of Maranda for working so hard.  She listened to every single thing I said, I couldn’t ask for a better online client.  What makes her story so unique and inspirational, is she is a mother of 3, and her youngest was just 9 months old when we started this contest prep routine.  […]

Client Progress update on ketogenic diet

My client Jonas from Denmark results so far.  I had him on a carb cycling diet initially, then recently switched to a variation of a ketogenic diet (6 days no carbs 1-day re-feed) So far he’s much stronger than when we started and has went from 26% to 13.5% body-fat.  The goal is to get to […]

Interview with Johnnie Jackson – IFBB Pro Mr. Olympia competitor

  I spoke with IFBB professional Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson this week.  I wanted to speak to Johnnie because we share a similar bodybuilding philosophy.  Especially when it comes to training for maximal strength, and LBM (lean body mass).  He’s commonly called “The strongest bodybuilder in the world” due to his powerlifting feats while also competing in bodybuilding. […]

Pauline Nordin IFBB Pro Interview

I had the pleasure to Interview IFBB pro Pauline Nordin this week.  She’s extremely intelligent and one of the most disciplined dieter’s I have ever met.  Read on, and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Q) What are some of the peaking techniques you apply when preparing for a show or big photo shoot to come in […]

Study investigates possible anti-diabetic effects of probiotics, on mice.

Yes, this study was performed on mice, but the findings were quite interesting.   You can read more about the aim, method, and results of the study here.   “The anti-diabetic effect of 14 probiotics in db/db mice seem to be related to an increase of SCFA-producing bacteria, the improvement of intestinal barrier function and the […]

This Day in History – 78 Years ago Pearl Harbor attacked

On December 7th, 1941, 78 years ago today.  The United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor.  The shock and outrage that followed undoubtedly was a deciding factor to enter WWII, a moment that changed the world we live in forever after.  Today we honor and remember the 2,403 Americans that lost their lives during the attack.

Calories Info Graph:

  Here is an interesting Info graph on calorie consumption.  The creator contacted me after reading my 20,000 calorie strong man post, asking if I would be willing to share it.  I don’t totally agree with everything in this graph, none the less it’s intriguing.        Source: www.dreammodels.dk/kalorier

Should you lockout your knees on Leg Press?

Should you lockout your knees on Leg Press?   You be the judge,  Warning: The above video will make you cringe! In all seriousness should you lock out your knees on exercises like Leg Press, or Squats?  The problem when locking your knees during heavy movements like leg press is that all of the weight being lifted […]