My Interview with Sergio Oliva Jr. – Son of the only man to ever defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I had the chance recently to interview Sergio Oliva Jr. son of the famous Sergio Oliva. He’s the only man to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Mr. Olympia contest and he did it twice.  Sergio Jr. is proving to be his own man though, his bodybuilding progress has completely taken off.  He’s gained over 100lbs of muscle since starting and is working his way up the bodybuilding ranks fast.  He won his IFBB pro card last year, and was even picked up by Labrada Nutrition.   He’s an athlete I predict will one day win the Mr. Olympia and that is hard to honestly say about anyone.


Sergio oliva Jr


Apex) What are your main sources of motivation?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) I mean isn’t it making history in a sport you love? The ultimate motivation is to be in the history books and remembered forever in the hardest sport in the world.


Apex) When you started bodybuilding you were just 140lbs, now you compete at 250lbs on stage.  What is your peak weight during the off-season?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) I competed at 250 on stage but as an amateur. I will have to weight 10-15 Lbs more than that at a pro show. I’m 6ft 250 isn’t shit. But I got up to 300lbs before cutting down to 250 so I’d prob try and get around the same if not a lil more this offseason but leaner


Apex) Do you have a realistic timeline or year that you think you can win the biggest competition in the world Mr. Olympia?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) I can’t think about that. You don’t ask a kid who just got drafted into the NFL, when does he think he’ll win the super bowl.

sergio oliva jr trophy  sergio oliva jr on stage


Apex) What other goals do you have outside of bodybuilding?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) Besides business in bodybuilding. Nothing. Bodybuilding is my life


Apex) How long do you usually prepare for each competition, of that time how long is dedicated to leaning out?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) I usually prep for 19 weeks but since I prepped for USA’s and continued to Nationals it ended up being 9 months


Apex) When it comes to peak week, do you have any certain techniques you utilize for final 7 days, 48, and 24 hours you can share?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) I use Labrada’s A2 Pump pills about 30 min before I go on and of Course #TeamAceto muffins


Apex) How does your resistance training look off-season and during competition mode?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) It’s the same. Maybe might do 10-15 reps in off season as opposed to 15-20 reps in prep. Otherwise, it stays the same. Just filling in the gaps.



Apex) Your dad being the only man in the world to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mr. Olympia with so many first place titles under him; how do you feel when people compare you to him?  I assume it’s an honor to have such a gifted and accomplished blood-line, but does it ever get to you?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) I mean if I make it then it’s the greatest thing ever. But if I don’t then I was insane to Enter a sport based on looks and asked to be compared not only to my peers but also to one of the greatest Mr. Olympia’s ever. Of course, that’s not what I want. I want to be my own person but how can you not compare something that’s never happened before? It’s not the same thing but did Dale Earnhardt Jr not want to drive cause he’d be compared to his dad? No point in crying and letting anything get to you that you chose to pursue.

Sergio Oliva Sr.

Sergio Oliva Senior sergio oliva jr's father


Apex) The IFBB since introducing the newer physique, and growing bikini class has been giving out much more IFBB cards than ever vs. say a decade or 2 before.  Do you feel this has taken away from sport or complimented it anyway?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) No. I of course think the old school nationals and USA’s were so bad ass. But there have been plenty of good bodybuilders to hit the scene that didn’t win overalls. But in men’s physique and bikini I could care less. They could make them all go pro but they are only going to disappear in this sport. If they aren’t actually really good. I feel the more people who enter those classes and give money to the NPC and IFBB is just funding the men’s bodybuilding and making the sport be able to grow financially.


Apex) What would you say are you top 3 healthy foods when in prep mode, and top 3 CHEAT foods when the rules are relaxed?


Sergio Oliva Jr.) A rice cake with Peanut Butter stevia cinn and some raisins. Cheat: lasagna, Pizza( Chicago of course) and cheesecake

sergio oliva jr shot  sergio oliva jr


Apex) If you could only pick one favorite isolation exercise for each of the following muscle groups as your favorite, which would you pick? (Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Quads, Hams, & Calves)


Sergio Oliva Jr.) Preacher, alternating Db curl, standing BB curl to forehead /dips, rope ext, skullcrushers/ BB presses, upright rows, leaning straight arm Db side raises / incline Db, incline smith, Db Flyes / t-bar, pull ups, pull overs / squat, leg press , hack squat/ lunges, laying leg curl, seated leg curl.


Apex) How does your daily supplementation look?  I know you were recently picked up by Labrada which has a solid reputation for great products.


Sergio Oliva Jr.) Once I changed the quality of the sups I put rather than the quantity, I noticed better results. Lean pro 8, humano growth, and supercharge.

Apex) Thank you for your time!



Myself and Sergio at Chicago Jr. Nationals several years ago!

Sergio oliva jr and apex


Be sure to checkout Sergio’s website and social media pages to continue to follow his journey:






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