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online personal trainer with Apex Contest Prep / Apex Diets Dave Bohr

Now that the Holiday’s are behind us, and a New Year ahead, why not start the year off making a complete transformation? 


With my help, guidance, 15+ years of professional dieting / training experience, unlimited support, and a plan that is 100% custom designed for you.  This is a realistic goal.


How am I different than other Personal Trainers? 


The most obvious reason is that I started doing this online long before most in 2002.  I have the experience of training and transforming thousands of people.  Many high profile clients, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, personal trainers / coaches, and a lot of regular people who simply have the desire to change, but don’t know how or where to start.


Unlike the majority of my competition, this is the only thing I do for a living.  I don’t go to a 9-5 job each day.  Since starting Apex in 2008, I’ve been an independent trainer 100% committed to my online clients.  This is where all my time, effort, and experience goes every day.  My own transformation, along with my client’s transformations speak for themselves.  I have the skills and tools to help anyone that has the desire to change and can follow instructions.


I only have 6 online slots for January this year so will likely fill them fast if this year is like any of the previous years.  To check availability, receive a free consultation, and to become one of my personal clients.  Contact me directly through my Contact Form, or email me direct at: Dave@ApexContestPrep.com.  I’ll respond within 24 hours.