Thank you Bill Romanowski (4x super bowl champ) for Nutrition53 care package!


I just received a supplement package in the mail from Bill Romanowski, CEO of Nutrition53 and NFL 4x Super Bowl champion.  Bill also worked for ESPN as a Sports Caster and has played in 243 consecutive NFL games, never missing one.  He is a very health conscious guy.  Recently after retiring from the NFL hedecided to start Nutrition53, and contacted me asking me to try out his new supplement line.

So far I only tried the Neuro-1 and Lean1, both tasted great.  I would rate the taste an 8.5 / 10.  I’m yet to try every other product.  Certain one’s such as Nutrition53’s Sleep1 look promising.  It contains ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, B6) with 5-HTP and Melatonin.  This is actualy the same stack of nutrients I take every night with Casein protein.  ZMA is one of the few supplements I take year round in my PM stack.  Nutrition53’s Shaker bottle is very similar to the “Blender Bottle Sport“, ideal grips for training / jogging, and higher quality lid. I will try out their other products over the week.  You can find out more about Nutrition53 products by visiting their website at:



bill romanowski's company Nutrition53. Bill Romanowski is a 4x Super Bowl Champion with a solid NFL career. His new company Nutrition53 has variety of high end supplements with solid ingredients.


(Note: I have no affiliation with Nutrition53)