Thanks to fellow fitness friend Bill Romanowski (4x super bowl champ) for Nutrition53 care package.

I just received a supplement care package in the mail from CEO of Nutrition53Bill Romanowski (4x SuperBowl champ) and a very accomplished NFL player.  He’s also worked as a sports caster for ESPN and has been in several movies.  I know personally Bill has played 243 consecutive NFL games never has missed one, and like myself is extremely health conscious.  He know’s his stuff.

So far I’ve been able to just check out the ingredients, and read Nutrition53 product reviews on sites like  I haven’t had the chance to try any products yet to comment on.  The ingredients  are solid though from what I can see.  For example Nutrition53‘s product Sleep1 contains ZMA (zinc, magnesium, b6) along with 5-htp & melatonin.  This is the exact stack I take every night already, a good sign.  Nutrition53‘s Shaker bottle is also similar to the “Blender Bottle Sport”, which in my personal favorite shaker cup in terms in terms of quality.  You can find out more about Nutrition53 by visiting their website:

bill romanowski's company Nutrition53. Bill Romanowski is a 4x Super Bowl Champion with a solid NFL career. His new company Nutrition53 has variety of high end supplements with solid ingredients.

(Note: I have no affiliation with Nutrition53. Any reviews I’ve done in the past on products sent from companies & individuals are always unbiased)