Client Andrew E. Lean Bulking Progress update:

I have been helping Andrew lean bulk for about a year now.  We’ve managed to keep him super low bodyfat while slowly adding lean body mass & strength the entire process.  He Bod Pod (air displacement) body fat tested at just 3.63% this time last year (see attachment).   Even with such low bodyfat and strict diet we’ve still managed to take him from 130.9lbs to 137lbs since this test.Andrew progress apex online training client

I’m very proud of his hard work, and he’s a testament that you do not have to dirty bulk to gain muscle & strength.  It is not true that you cannot gain lean body mass while super low single digit bodyfat.  Those who get fat in the off-season because they feel it’s the only way to make gains are mis-informed and have not mastered their diet.  It may be easier, which I don’t dispute but don’t think you have to eat excessive calories beyond your RMR and gain a bunch of body fat just so you can burn it off later in order to make progress/gains.  This is simply a myth.  Andrew looks bigger than he is but he’s just 5’6″ 137 lbs@26yrs old:

Andrew Apex Online CLient