I’m usually booked throughout the year in-person, around 95% of my work is online personal training.  Feel free to Contact to inquire about availability.  Depending on your location, goals, training schedule, and timing, rates may vary.  I have an immense amount of in-person training experience and love to work 1 on 1 with clients, but time only permits me to work with a handful of people.  

In-Person & Online Personal Training Rates:


$150 – Single Session  (In Person Slots Sold out now through December 2017)

*In-Person training rates are discounted for clients who’ve purchased an Online Package.



Online Training Packages:


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My #1 selling training package for the last 9 years:  More affordable than in-person training while including much much more.   Each Online Training Package is 100% customized and takes me around 4-6 days to design.  Included in each package:


·         Custom Workout: After our consultation.  I’ll get to work on the design of an advanced custom weight training, cardio & core routine for you.  I list what exercises I want you to perform with detailed instructions for each, as well as video/animated examples.


·         Custom Diet & Meal Plan: I use many diets, I usually recommend and present a few choices to clients after our consultation.  Depending on your preference, resources, and lifestyle I will create an effective diet to match.  Diets break down in detail meal examples, with click-able links to nutrition information, and detailed instructions for each day on the diet.  


·         Supplement Regimen: I recommend supplements in 2 groups. The first I consider “essential” for the diet & your goals. The second will be “optional” but recommended.  I also explain when & how to take them, and include links to purchase for the best price online. 


 ·         Approved Food list: This optional document breaks down a categorized list of the main approved foods you’re able to have in your diet to help assist you with your grocery shopping. 


·         Comprehensive Logs: I have several easy to use logs used to analyze your progress and results.  This includes a physical stats, training, cardio, and diet log.  They are detailed enough to collect valuable data so we can track & analyze your progress to ensure it’s at a rate we’re both happy with.  This also makes it easier to confirm your results and make adjustments to the routine. 


 ·         Unlimited Email Support: Any questions/concerns/feedback you have throughout our time together I encourage you to email to me.  If you have many questions, no problem.  I’ll respond to each individually with detail.


·        Peak-Week Support: (Free with VIP 1-yr Package*)

If your goal is to compete, I’ll design you a game plan for the final days, week, and hours explaining what to do in detail before you step on stage.  This includes Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, Bikini competition, or even a photo shoot.


·       Freeze Your Account: (*Free with VIP 1-yr Package*)

 VIP Clients have the option anytime, for any reason to “freeze” the 12 months of unlimited support and training they receive from me up to 120 days.  This is very useful to use in-between dieting goals, bulking, cutting, holidays, vacations, recovering from injuries, or for personal reasons.  Anytime you freeze your account, no time from your 12-month package will pass until you’re ready to redeem it, and start up again at no extra charge.


It’s 2017, if you’d like to make a complete transformation this year, I can help. If you’re ready to take the next step, Contact me for a free quote & consultation.  Let’s get started!