Online Personal Training Packages:

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Each routine I design is 100% customized to the individual.  I take everything into consideration from your goals, daily routine, limitations, dietary restrictions, budget, preferences, to the equipment and resources you have access to.  You will not receive some generic, cookie cutter plan.  You will know exactly what to do, each day, every day.  Your routine will evolve over time as you progress, while I make adjustments as needed.  I think most clients would agree, the most valuable part of my training package is the unlimited support from me throughout.  

Training Package Includes:

·         Customized Workout After our consultation, I will design a customized weight training, cardio and core routine specifically for you.  I will only use the equipment and resources you have access to.  Every workout will include graphic or video exercise examples, with detailed instructions on exactly how I would like you to perform each exercise.  

·         Customized Diet / Meal Plan: I use a variety of diets with clients based on their goals and lifestyle.  Before I start writing, I will go over my ideas with you based on your goals, preferences, resources, and lifestyle. I will then create an effective diet to match.  The diet will include meal examples for each day, with clickable links to nutrition information, specific instructions, and goals for each day, leaving no guesswork.

·        Supplement Plan: I will create you a supplement routine explaining what to take, when, how, and where to find everything at the best current prices available.  

 ·       Training Logs: Each routine includes physical stat, weight training, cardio, and core logs.  The more you are willing to track, the better I can do my job.  I use this data to track and analyze your progress to ensure it is at a rate we are both happy with, and to make adjustments as needed.

 ·        Unlimited Support: This is probably the most valuable part of any training package I offer.  I will be there throughout your entire journey as your trainer continuously guiding you down the right path.  I am available any time you have questions or concerns, no matter how basic or complex they may seem.  This includes text support if you have questions that come to mind, need me to look at a product label, or even review a menu with you to help you order at a restaurant.

·       Peak-Week Support: (For Competitors) If you are planning to do a show, I will explain in great detail what to do the final weeks, days, and hours leading up to your competition.  I use a very strategic approach to get you coming in as hard and dry as possible. You will know what to do every step of the way before stepping on stage.  This includes Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini competitors

·   Freeze Your Account:  You have the option for any reason, anytime, to “freeze” your account up to 6 months.  No time will pass that is has been paid for until you are ready to start up again. This is very useful for in-between dieting goals, during holidays, vacations, or for your own personal reasons.

You can contact me directly at if you have any question or would like to become a client.