My name is Dave Bohr, I’m originally from Detroit, MI.  I moved to Southern, CA when I turned 21 to pursue my career.  I’ve been a Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist since 2002.  After having lot of success transforming clients online, I started my company Apex Contest Prep – Online Personal Training in 2008.  Over the year’s I have personally trained and designed 100% customized routines for thousands of clients around the world, with a lot of success.


Shortly after starting Apex Contest Prep, I placed 2nd in the first physical transformation contest, with 1,147 competitors.  My diet lasted only 44 days to take my before and after photo’s, because I started nearly 10 weeks late into the contest.  I still knew from my knowledge, experience, and understanding of my own body very well that I had a good chance of placing top 3.  So I used a diet I created called the ccKeto™ (Carb Cycling / Ketogenic Hybrid).  I speak more in detail about this diet in some of my interviews below, but it’s just one of dozens of dieting formats I may use with a client, depending on that client.  Shortly after this time, I was scouted and sponsored by MuscleTech.  I was told that I was the first personal trainer / non-competitor they have ever sponsored.  I later picked up a sponsorship with Vitargo (a great post workout supplement, with a CEO that’s a genius, Chief Scientist & founder of EAS).


Over the years my reputation for rapid fat loss dieting, and word of mouth, has allowed me to change the life of thousands by training clients online full-time.  Each online package I design includes a customized Workout, Diet, Cardio, Core, Supplement Routine, Unlimited Email / Text Support, and the ability to “Freeze” your account anytime, for any reason, without penalty.  Every routine I design is unique to that client, based on factors like goal’s, lifestyle, daily routine, food / supplement budget, resources, and preferences.  I will usually present a few options in the form of a “game plan” before I start the actual design of a new routine.  This helps make it as customized and strategic as possible.  For each client, we check in regularly to officially review results and progress, while making adjustments as needed.  This ensures we keep the body evolving in the right direction, at the right rate, that we’re both happy with.  Many clients also have multiple long term goal’s.  It’s very common for me to design multiple diet’s and training format’s for the same client as they progress, or their goal’s change.  I may work with a client all year and initially focus on rapidly dropping body-fat, then transition into a more “loose” lean bulk format focusing on gaining lean body mass gain.  If your goals or body change, so will your routine to evolve with you as long as I’m your trainer.


Dave Bohr - Online Personal Fitness Trainer                    

When I started Apex, it was one of the first online personal training companies.  I could count on 1 hand how many other online trainer’s existed.  Naturally, the internet as grown, and most people are online by now.  There are thousands of new trainers popping up online now offering online personal training.  Unlike most of these, not only have I trained thousands over the last 15 years, but this is all I do for a living.  I don’t have a 9-5 job or even work in person with more than 1 client at a time.  This is where all my time, expertise, and energy goes each day.  This is why my renewal rate is so high, and why I’ve lasted so long.




My clients make up a very diverse group of people from many different countries, cultures, professions, with different goals, and experience levels.  I initially I focused on training fitness, physique, bikini, and bodybuilding competitors when I started Apex.  But I soon had clients from the NFL, CEO’s, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Police Officers, and clients from every branch of the military.  However, I enjoy working with anyone who has the desire change for the better, that I think can follow instructions.


Overall, the vast majority of my clients are people who are just fed up with failing at dieting / training, and simply want to make a physical transformation with my help.  As result this is what I’m most experienced in.  Some think I only work with athletes or higher profile competitors, this is not the case and work with all skill levels.  My routines are so detailed in design, that I leave no guess work.  And whenever you are uncertain about anything, anytime, I’ll have your back with unlimited support.


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If you’re ready to make some changes in your life, and take the step to hire an experienced skilled professional, Contact me for a free quote and consultation.  I’ll break down the online training package I offer, attach screen shots of routines, offer a free consultation, and price quote.  I only about 6-8 online training slots per month, so do not hesitate if you’re serious, slots are limited.



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