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Dave Bohr:

I became a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist back in 2002.  After a lot of success with a variety of clients, in 2008 I started my company Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training.  Since that year I became sponsored by MuscleTech, then Vitargo.  Over the years I have trained thousands of clients, all around the world, about half of my clients do not even live in the United States.  My #1 selling online package includes a customized Workout, Diet, Cardio, Core, Supplement Routine, and Unlimited Email Support.  I have my own evolved training system, software, training logs and processes used to go over progress, game plan, and make modifications to your routines as needed.  This insures we keep your body evolving in the right direction, at the desired rate we choose.  If you can follow instructions, then I can steer you down the right path!

Dave Bohr - Online Personal Fitness Trainer

I started Apex as one of the very first & original Online Personal Training companies.  When I first started as an online trainer I could count on 1 hand the main trainers in this field with me.  Now it seems just about every trainer is trying to do the online thing, except most have a day job and are much less experienced.   All of my methods, training system, and software that I use I completely designed from scratch.  All of my diets, workouts, theory’s, philosophy are my own and integrated into every plan with every client.  Apex is where all my time, effort, and energy goes.  I don’t have a day job all my dedication is to my online clients, now 95% of my clients are online based.  I love what I do and feel very blessed to have this career.  Nothing in the world makes me happier than changing someones life for the better through my assistance and guidance.




My clients make up a very diverse pool. From many countries, different cultures, different goals, with different experience levels.  I’ve helped everyone from Fitness Competitors, CEO’s, doctors, Active Military from every branch (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Cost Guard), Professional Athletes, house moms, seniors, couples, and regular people with regular goals.  The average Joe & Jill make up a large majority of my client base.  Don’t be intimidated to challenge yourself if you simply want to just get in “better shape”, lose a few lbs of fat or gain a few lbs of muscle.  People with regular goals make up the majority of my business since not everyone wants to step on stage, a mat, or a field.  Regardless of your goals, I’ll do my very best to ensure you get there.  Your success is mandatory to me.


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If you’re ready to let me take control of your life and steer you down the right path then I am just a few clicks away.  Not only have I been there and done that, but I do “that”.  This is my life.  I’m in the business of helping, transforming, educating, and changing people for the better.  It’s why I wake up every morning.  Apex and my clients are the most important thing in my life.  I was born to help others, I truly believe that.  I’m living out my destiny each day.  Your success when we partner up is a reflection of myself, so I’ll everything in my power to make sure you succeed. 





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