My name is Dave Bohr, I’m originally from Detroit, MI.  I currently live in Southern, CA and moved here at age 21 to further expand my personal training career.  I first became a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist in 2002.  Over the years I have had the privilege to train thousands of people.  I have had clients from just about every state in the country, and multiple countries around the world.  In 2008 I decided to focus solely on my online training clients, so I started Apex Contest Prep for Online Personal Training full-time.  Then, and now, this is where all my time and energy goes.  This is beyond a job or career to me, my entire life revolves around it.

Shortly after starting Apex and successfully transforming many clients with a diet I created called the ccKeto™,  I decided to enter’s first ever transformation contest to put it to the test.  I dieted for 6 weeks, and 2 days (44-days in total) for the 16-week contest.   I was able to beat 1,146 other competitors that had nearly a 10-week head start between their start and finish date. (dated before and after photos).  My transformation caught the interest of MuscleTech, the largest supplement company in the world at the time who decided to sponsor me.  Not long after I picked up a sponsorship with Vitargo/GENr8.  It’s no secret I used the ccKeto (a Carb Cycling / Ketogenic Hybrid diet) for that competition, but it’s only one of many diets I use.  I would estimate about 1/5 of clients we will use the ccKeto with at some point.  Not everyone is trying to get to low single digit body fat, and it’s fairly complex.  I would be lying if I said it was a simple diet, but some people swear by it, if rapid fat loss is the objective.   I picked the ccKeto for that diet because of how rapid it works, despite the inevitable risk of a rebound.  I felt confident it wouldn’t take long to make a dramatic transformation, I was correct.  I speak more in detail about the ccKeto™ in past interviews

Over the years, my reputation as a fat loss expert, and full-time online trainer has allowed me to do what I love every day while having a positive impact on thousands of people under my guidance.  Every online training client receives a fully customized: Diet,  Meal Plan, Weight Training, Cardio, Core, Supplement Routine, and unlimited support from me.  Each plan I hand tailor specifically to that Individual.  I take into consideration everything about you from your goals, lifestyle, limitations, resources, and preferences before I design anything.  I spend several days on each routine design, which is why I only work with a limited number of people each month, with limited slots that sell out monthly.

Client’s check in on a regular basis (I ask at least bi-weekly) to officially go over results, review logs, provide feedback, so we can make proper tweaks where and when needed.  I review as much as the client is willing / or able to track each check-in, that often includes progress photos, physical stats, weight training, cardio, core, and diet logs I provide.  I critique any tracking methods provided, from MyFitnessPal food logs, Fit Bit data, to handwritten notes and logs.  Changes are made to the routines as often as needed to keep progressing at a rate we are both happy with.  Client’s that have multiple goals usually have multiple routines over time, that evolve, over time, as their bodies do.  This is why people work with me for several years at a time.  We may start with a strict fat loss diet, then transition into a lean bulk.  Others simply want to try a variety of training and diet formats under me as a learning experience.  Whatever your goal is it’s my job to accommodate it.

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When I started Apex Contest Prep over a decade ago I was one of a handful of experienced personal trainers at the time, that also specialized in online training.  I am one of the few online trainers that have done this as long as I have, and the only I know of full-time throughout.  Naturally, there more now in the age of social media.  Some legitimate, intelligent people, and an extraordinary number of copycats.  I only speak for myself when I say this is where all my time, expertise, and energy goes each day.  I know what I am capable of, I’m living it.


My online clients make up a very diverse group of people.  From many different states, multiple countries, cultures, professions, with different goals, and experience levels.  I have trained with Fitness, Physique, Bikini, and Bodybuilding competitors.  NFL Athletes, CEO’s, Doctors, Boot Camp Coaches, Personal Trainers, Police Officers, and clients from every branch of the military.  Personally, my ideal client is anyone who has the will and desire to change.  But just needs the proper guidance from someone who actually cares about their results.  I see every client as a reflection of my knowledge, skills, and experience.  It’s mandatory in my mind that they succeed.

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To find out more about the online training package I offer, to check availability, or receive a free quote and consultation.  Feel free to Contact me.  I’m always looking for that next motivated person to take under my wing.  Thank you!

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