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My name is Dave Bohr, I first became a Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist in 2002.  After a lot of success transforming clients online, I started my online training company Apex Contest Prep in 2008, which I do full-time.  Shortly after I placed 2nd in the first ever Bodybuilding.com Transformation contest out of 1,147 competitors, 10 weeks late into taking my before photos for the 16 week contest.  I was also sponsored by MuscleTech – I was the first trainer / non-competitor they sponsored.  Several years later I was picked up through a sponsorship by Vitargo, a great product with a CEO who’s a genius, the chief Scientist and founder of EAS in the 90’s.  

Over the years I have trained and transformed thousands of clients all over the world online using a training system I’ve been fine tuning for 15+ years.   My #1 selling online package includes a customized Workout, Diet, Cardio, Core, Supplement Routine, Unlimited Email Support, and the ability to “Freeze” your account anytime without penalty.  I have my own evolved training system, software, logs, and processes used.  On a scheduled regular basis, we over your results and progress to access the game plan.  I’ll make adjustments to your routine as needed to keep you progressing at a rate we’re both happy with.  This insures we keep your body evolving in the right direction, at the desired rate we choose.  If you can follow instructions, then I can steer you down the right path!

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When I started Apex, it was one of the very first & original Online Personal Training companies.  I could count on 1 hand the other main trainers in the field with me.  Naturally, there are probably 10,000x fold more today as health, fitness, and the Internet has become so much more popular as part of our lives.  What separates me the most from all the other trainers who decided to also try online?  My level of experience.  Not only have I trained thousands online over the last 15 years, but this is all I do for a living.  I don’t have a 9-5 job or even work in person with more than 1 client at a time.  This is where all my time, expertise, and passion goes each day I sign online to assist my clients or design / update routines.




My clients make up a very diverse pool. From many countries, different cultures, different goals, with different experience levels.  I’ve trained a wide variety of people from your typical guy or gal with goals such as losing body fat / gaining muscle, to Fitness Competitors, other Trainers, CEO’s, Doctors, Professors, Professional Athletes / NFL, as well as clients from every branch of military (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard).

Overall, the vast majority of my clients are people who are just fed up with failing at dieting / training and simply want to make a physical transformation with my help.  So as result this is what I’m most experienced in.  Some think I only work with athletes or higher profile competitors, this is not the case and work with all skill levels.  My routines are so detailed in design, that I leave no guess work.  But whenever you are uncertain about anything, anytime, I’ll also have your back through my unlimited support.


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If you’re ready to change, let me assist steering you down the right path, I am just a few clicks away from potentially changing your life.  I’ll explain my online training package in detail, attach screen shots, give you a free consultation and price quote. – I usually open 6-8 online training slots per month and often sell out quick.  I only take on as many clients as I’m able to fully take care of at any given time.

Your success when we partner up is a reflection of myself, so I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you succeed.



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