My name is Dave Bohr, I’m originally from Detroit, MI currently living in Southern, CA.  I moved here at age 21 to further expand my training career.  I became a Personal Trainer / Sports Nutritionist back in 2002.  Over the years, I’ve have had a lot of success training and transforming clients around the world with online training.  In 2008 I decided to dedicate myself full time to my online clients, so I started Apex Contest Prep – Online Personal Training. 


Shortly after starting Apex, I entered’s first ever 16 week transformation contest, to test a diet I created (The ccKeto™).  There wasn’t much time left when I decided to enter, instead of 16 weeks between my before & after photos, I only had 6 weeks & 2 days.  Out of the 1,147 competitors that entered I placed 2nd, despite having nearly a 10 week late start between before/after photos.


For the transformation contest I used a rapid fat loss dieting format I created called the ccKeto™ (Carb Cycling / Ketogenic Hybrid).  I was having a lot of success using this on clients already so I felt confident on what to do.  I speak more in detail about the ccKeto™ in some of my interviews if you’d like to know more about it. It is just one of many dieting formats I use with a clients.  MuscleTech™ the largest supplement company in the world at the time sponsored the contest.  They apparently were impressed by my transformation, and decided to sponsor me.  I also more recently picked up another sponsorship from Vitargo™.


Over the years my reputation as an online coach / transformation guru has helped me continue doing what I love each day every day, and change the life of thousands of people through personal training.  Each online training package I offer includes a fully customized: Diet / Meal Plan, Cardio, Core, Supplement Routine, Grocery List, and unlimited support.  Every plan I hand tailor specifically to that Individual.  I take into consideration factors such as goals, lifestyle, limitations, resources, and preferences in all areas.  Whether the client is on a tight budget, has complex dietary requirements, or is limited to working from home with a simple set of bands or dumbbells. The customized routine will reflect that in great detail.


Client’s check in regularly to provide feedback with the physical stat, diet, and training logs I provide to officially review progress and results.  I will make adjustments to the routines as often as needed.  Client’s that have multiple goals typically have multiple routines over time.  Such a strict fat loss diet, followed by a lean bulk.  Other client’s simply want to try a variety of training / dieting formats under me.  I never charge extra to completely re-design an entire new routine as long as you’re a client of mine.  That is what my unlimited support is for.


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When I first started Apex, I was one of just a few experienced online trainer’s at the time, and to my knowledge the only full-time.  This was before social media and the Internet has exploded, so naturally there are countless other’s now.  Some legitimate, many copy cats.  However I can really only speak for myself when I say this is where all my time, expertise, and energy goes, each day.  





My online clients make up a very diverse group.  From many different countries, cultures, professions, with different goals, and varied experience levels.  I have worked with fitness, physique, bikini, bodybuilding competitors,  NFL players, CEO’s, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Vegans, Police Officers, and clients from each branch of the military.  Personally, I enjoy working with anyone who has the will and desire to change, and hopefully become the best version of themselves through my help.


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To find out more about the online training package I offer, check availability, or receive a free quote, and consultation.  Feel free to Contact me anytime.  I will respond within 24 hour’s.  Thank you!



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