Student Discount

Are you a currently a student on a tight budget, but still could use extra help with your fitness goals / making a transformation?  I understand with a school schedule and high interest student loan debt, paying up-front for several months to a year’s worth of personal training can be difficult.  I would never want finances to be the one factor preventing you from reaching your goals.  With that said, for students only I’m offering:


  • 25% off all online packages – Simply take a photo of your student ID and email or text it to me to validate your discount.
  • 0% APR Financing on 1-Year VIP packages – Pay 0% interest if you choose to finance a long-term 12-month VIP package.  Choose from 30 / 60 / 90 day payment plan’s.


All of my routines are custom, designed specifically for you.  Your grocery list, supplement plan I will keep your budget in mind.  If you don’t have the funds for a gym membership, we’ll use what equipment you do have access to, even if it’s just a set of $25 resistance bands.  What ever resources you have I take into consideration when designing your routine.  Contact now for a free consultation, and to check availability.