Dumbbell Alternate Curls:

 Proper form & Technique:

DB Alternate Curls


  1. Grab each Dumbbell (DB) while standing straight up holding them at arm’s length.  Keep your elbows close to the body this is your starting point, the elbow should remain tucked in towards the torso throughout the set.
  2. Keep your upper arms stationary and curl one DB at a time upwards using the bicep muscle, exhaling as your curl.  Once you reach the top/shoulder level squeeze the biceps muscle while twisting your pinky inwards and squeezing with your grip.
  3. Slowly lower the DB back to the starting point then raise the opposite DB upwards and repeat the motion for the specified amount of reps.


  • Variations: You can perform these nearly a dozen different ways.  Some of the more common variations including standing, seated, Hammer DB curls, reverse grip DB curls, dual grip alternate curls (both arms at the same time, explosive concentric tempo DB raises, TUT style DB curls (time under tension), Drop sets (e.g. doing 6-8 reps each of 50’s, 40’s, 30’s with no rest between each increment).  It’s a bit overkill to change variation workout to workout in my opinion.  But works well to employ different methods after exhausting the benefits of another variation.