Grip on’s Review

Grip on’s Review


I just received this new product called “Grip On’s” to review.  I just finished training back and biceps and used these grip on’s throughout the workout.  They quickly wrap around any bar or handle to increase your grip ability, while using a larger diameter.  These will prevent callus from forming on your hands while adding a slight increase to the diameter of the bar or handle.

So far I am pleased, they do work well with certain bars such as the lat pull.  They also offer better grip on any of the dumbbell’s I used.  I personally wouldn’t use them for every single exercise, but Grip on’s have their place for certain exercises.  Tomorrow I will be doing core, so I plan to use these on rope cable crunches.  Those tend to “eat up” my hand’s so I can only imagine these will help.

Here is what I received/what they look like:


Overall, Grip Ons are easy to use and take just seconds to apply to any bar, unlike lifting straps which many people struggle to use correctly. I noticed a clear improvement with my grip on certain exercises where my hands normally might slip.  One clear advantage over straps is the fact that they don’t tear up the skin around your wrist.  They will also improve your natural grip strength, unlike straps which hinder grip strength.

I would recommend Grip On’s to anyone who wants to focus on grip strength or grip slipping.  These also would be useful for those focusing on ‘raw’ pulling lifts where straps are not allowed, and when training with straps would be counterproductive.

I still personally prefer lifting straps when focusing on power movements, where I prioritize my target muscle over my grip strength.  I wouldn’t consider grip on’s a substitute for lifting straps, but possibly an alternative depending on your goal.