Guide to cuts of Beef & Red Meat in the diet:

Here is an easy to use pictograph on different cuts of red meat.  Most of the diets I design I use red meat, regardless if the client is dieting to lose fat or lean bulking.  However, it’s usually limited to one serving every few days, and I usually strategically will include it with the lowest carb day of the week since a higher % of fat in the diet can be utilized.

Red meat has loads of benefits, especially for the dieter & athletes.  It’s a great source of complete protein, loaded with nutrients like amino acids, Iron, Zinc, B-Vitamins, and is one of the best natural sources of creatine.  On the flip side over consuming it isn’t healthy for anyone.  The un-debatable negatives would be the saturated fat & cholesterol content.  But there have also been debatable studies linking high consumption of red meat to health problems issues like alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, heart disease, even bowel cancer.  Overall, I believe most potential negative sides are linked to over consumption vs. “normal/occasional” consumption.

There is a huge difference between having a 6oz Top Sirloin once a week vs.  eating a fat food every day and ordering the typical burger combo meal. The TYPE of cut you choose makes a giant different.  Most of my diets (with the exception of keto based diets) I’ll stick mainly with the leanest cuts such as sirloin tip, top round, eye of round, bottom round, top sirloin, or even 93% lean ground beef.  All of these cut’s mete the USDA’s requirements to be labeled as “extra lean”.  Some of fattiest types  (which are up to 3-5x higher in fat than your lean types) include:
Flap steak, filet mignon, T-bone, NY strip, & rib-eye.  One other bonus of the top leanest cut’s, they are also on the top of the list in the price category:

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