Interview with Craig Golias

Interview with Craig Golias

I had a chance to Interview Craig Golias about his bodybuilding past, present, and plans for the future.  Craig is definitely a heavy weight, and his known for having a freaky big physique!  See what he had to say here:

Interview with Craig Goliath speaks with Apex Contest Prep

When & how did you get started with bodybuilding?

I got started with bodybuilding around 23 when I was putting on a lot of mass and decided to compete and take my body to the next level

What are your current physical stats?

My stats right now, I’m about 310 pounds and aim around 270 contest, I’m 6’3”.

Can you break down what a typical training split looks like for you on an average training week?

I train Chest & Hams Monday, then go Arms, Back & Calves, Shoulders & Quads, then off & repeat.

What would you consider your favorite exercise for each muscle group if you could only pick one for each?

I only like chest days that’s about it!!! I get super pumped on chest days every other body part isn’t as fun and hate quad days cause I train them so hard I get sick most of the time being taller I have to train harder to fill them out .

How often and what type of cardio will you do when trying to cut?

I only do cardio when I diet I HATE IT!!!! Lol I do an hour every day when in diet mode.

What would you consider your top 3 staple food sources for carbs, fat & protein?

My top 3 food sources would be gainer shakes, white rice, and meat (beef and turkey).

When cutting is there any particular dieting style you prefer?  Such as just eating clean with a deficit, carb cycling, Intermittent fasting, ketogenic dieting, ect…?

When cutting I stick to the basics I’ve never had a coach, which is why I feel I haven’t placed where I want to.  I tend to lose too much size when I diet and hence why I haven’t competed since 2010.  I would do high carbs till my last 2 meals than only do meat and greens the last 2 meals.  It’s very complicated trying to hold the mass while getting super lean.  Jay cutler has given me some pointers, but he’s big on eating fish and I don’t eat fish at all.  So basically I just do a basic diet and usually drop around 45 pounds as well.


What supplements do you currently take, anything in particular for pre/intra/post workout?

I’m a huge believer in supps because half my offseason diet is shakes.  I do 1 to 2 gainer shakes a day (upyourmass by MHP) and post workout I take dark matter (3 scoops by MHP) which is 75 carbs as well as some bcaa’s.

I know you’ve spent a lot of focus over the last few years towards lean bulking.  Can you give an example break down of what your calories & macros might look like over a week period?

I pretty much eat cleaner now a day’s that I’ve gotten to my goal weight area (300-320 pounds).  Now I’m just trying to keep it a lot cleaner so I’m holding less body fat and maintaining decent abs.  I wake up and eat egg whites and rice, or if I’m not up for eggs I’ll do some turkey.  Then I’ll train, take a post shake & have 8oz of steak with 2 cups of white rice.  Next I’ll have a gainer shake a few hours later followed by another meat and rice meal.  Then before bed I’ll take a mass gainer shake with a banana.  I’m not a big eater as you can see I just have good genetics for maintaining mass in the offseason.

Any long term goals / future plans?

My future plans are where ever my journey takes me my main goal I would say is getting paid to do what I love, and that’s training so I just keep rolling on and see where my bodybuilding career takes me! I live to train and build a massive physique and if I could do it for a living , that would be amazing.