Kicking off 2019 with a 19% discount on packages!

Apex contest prep online personal training sale in 2019

(Please note all discounted slots have been filled – Check back for future promotions)

2018 was an Amazing year. I worked with a large variety of awesome clients. Many have been with me 2-4+ years while renewing our time together through 2021. Other clients, I had the privilege to add to my team in 2018 making incredible progress throughout the year. Many of those clients also extending their time through 2019!

It’s a rewarding feeling when my clients not only renew for a 2nd, or 3rd time but also choose the longest duration I offer. It tells me after 15+ years of online training (10+ of those full-time with Apex Contest Prep) I must be doing something right!

This Month of January 2019 I will only be offering 3 Online Personal Training Slots @ 19% off. (Valid through Jan or until sold out). Prices will vary depending on the type of training package, and the duration you choose.

To inquire about availability and take advantage of this limited sale, feel free to contact me directly through here, OR email directly @ I’ll have you complete a questionnaire, and I will break down in detail training package, and pricing I offer.

Let’s make it happen this Year!

Screen shots of example food database, workouts, diets, supplement plan.