Healthy low carb tuna salad recipe:

For those of you who have worked with me, you probably know I like to classify meals in up to 5 separate groups (AM, PM, Pre, Post, and Filler Meals). The most common used in any diet would be the filler meals. Today for lunch I made probably my most favorite of all filler meals in the low/no carb class, a Tuna salad. I like this meal because it’s quick, you can prepare it literally in 3 minutes. It’s extremely healthy, it’s very low carb, its convenient to pack for a lunch or eat later, and finally it taste great for being so healthy.


To make, simply mix all of the following ingredients in a large bowl. Portions can obviously be manipulated to stay in your macro range, but here is what I used for my current regiment:


-2 Cans Tuna in water

-1.5c Romaine Lettuce

-1.5 Tbsp Olive oil

-1c Cherry Tomatoes

-1 Tbsp real bacon bits

-1 Tspn Sea Salt

– Pinch of garlic powder & pepper


This breaks down to approximately 500 calories: 70g of Protein, 23g of fat, and about 4 net carbs from the Tomatoes, you may skip the Tomatoes to make it a 0 carb meal. This is a perfect meal when low carbing in a depleted carb state. Enjoy.




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