In-Person Rates

Single Session – $150 (I’m currently booked but you may use my contact form to be submitted to my waiting list) I do not charge by the hour, but rather as long as it takes to complete our workout.  It may take 60 minutes or 90+ minutes depending on the workout we go with that […]

Apex client Danny Regan 8 week progress update:

Here are some progress updates on my Client Danny R. He has used my CC/Keto diet for 8 weeks in these photos. The two black shorts are some before pics when starting the diet, and the others are showing progress on the diet. Danny is 38 and he looks about 10 years younger in this […]

Apex Contest Prep clients: Both together for Beach photo shoot.

Here is a progress update on two Apex Contest Prep clients.  Weston Metsch one of his biggest strengths during training was that he never would quit early during a set or a workout, always welcoming failure in the gym and willing to go beyond it.  He started off at just a mere 135lbs being 6’4″. Now […]

Adam Hinton Deadlifting 855lbs raw:

Here is some footage of a former training partner Adam Hinton lifting some crazy weight. He is now preparing to break Donnie Thomsons World Record All-Time Highest total of 2850. At 26yrs old, and just a few lbs short RAW, it seems to be just a matter of time. 855 lb. deadlift   A photo […]

Healthy low carb tuna salad recipe:

For those of you who have worked with me, you probably know I like to classify meals in up to 5 separate groups (AM, PM, Pre, Post, and Filler Meals). The most common used in any diet would be the filler meals. Today for lunch I made probably my most favorite of all filler meals […]

Here is the 2010 Arnold Classic LIVE streaming video!

Be sure to watch the Live web cast for the 2010 Arnold Classic, Right now it’s Pre-Judging then finals tonight. Free on *2010 Arnold Classic Web Cast* Here is your Top 3 Athletes. From left to right Phil Heath 2nd, Kai Greene 1st, and Branch Warren 3rd. I am a bit surprised that Phil […]

Sergio Oliva Jr and myself at the Jr. Nationals for MuscleTech.

Here’s a video I filmed of fellow MuscleTech athlete Sergio Oliva Jr, at the Jr Nationals. His Father (Sergio Oliva) is the only man to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding Competition, winning Mr. Olympia. We are both Sponsored by MuscleTech, so we both had to fly to Chicago for the show to a […]

My interview with PT-1

Here is an Interview I just did with My Interview