I started Vitargo POST from my sponsor, so far, so good!

I have been an fan of the regular Vitargo formula, long before they sponsored me.  This new Vitargo POST is a step up from the standard Vitargo carbohydrate supplement.  It contains a unique blend of Hydrolyzed Whey (The fastest acting protein, with the highest biological value) in addition to Vitargo.  It simply makes sense to […]

Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe (My Healthier Version)

Healthier Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe: If you love Panda express orange chicken.  Try this it’s around 3x lower in fat using only breast meat, less breading, less oil (and canola oil vs. vegetable). First I used the following ingredients to make a 3lb batch: -Sliced Chicken breast into 1″ cubes -3 eggs beaten to dip […]

Roger G. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

Really happy with client Roger this weekend. He did well in competition for Physique and worked his tail off. He had the occasional cheat meals but I allow that with most of my clients every so often. We still have some work to do and are going to focus on building up his shoulders and […]

R.I.P. Justin Ry’s a great human being gone too soon.

I’ve known Justin since June 2002, he is one of the nicest guy’s you could ever meet.  He passed away last night peacefully in his sleep at 38.  I had the privilege to speak to him last week during his final days and he always was positive, seemed happy and in good spirits.   Justin […]

Mr. Zhasni PRE-WORKOUT video #Motivation: Make it happen…

Sharing the latest piece from our friend Mr. Zhasni.  The best non-digestible pre-workout you can intake! >

Diet Friendly Fried Breaded Chicken Tenders

Diet Friendly Fried Breaded Chicken Tenders:     This is a quick and easy recipe that take’s about 30 minutes to prepare and cook.  You can make this with 5 ingredients or less.  Most chicken tenders in restaurants and stores are usually dark meat or a blend of dark and white meat.  For this recipe, […]

Client Andrew E. Lean Bulking Progress update:

I have been helping Andrew lean bulk for about a year now.  We’ve managed to keep him super low bodyfat while slowly adding lean body mass & strength the entire process.  He Bod Pod (air displacement) body fat tested at just 3.63% this time last year (see attachment).   Even with such low bodyfat and strict […]

Grip on’s Review

Grip on’s Review   I just received this new product called “Grip On’s” to review.  I just finished training back and biceps and used these grip on’s throughout the workout.  They quickly wrap around any bar or handle to increase your grip ability, while using a larger diameter.  These will prevent callus from forming on […]

Pauline Nordin from Fighter Diet: Interview (Part 2)

 Apex: So it’s been awhile since our last Interview.  What has changed since then if anything? Pauline: Fighter Diet has grown. Hitting one million on social media in a few weeks! I also launched my fitness solution Live Life Lean which is built around a workout and diet app. I’m very excited about this project. On […]

Beds And The Science Of Healthy Sleep

Beds And The Science Of Healthy Sleep. Sufficient sleep is mandatory for a mind and body to perform optimally.