Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe (My Healthier Version)

Healthier Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe:

If you love Panda express orange chicken.  Try this it’s around 3x lower in fat using only breast meat, less breading, less oil (and canola oil vs. vegetable).

First I used the following ingredients to make a 3lb batch:

panda express orange chicken recipe - this is my healthier version of Panda express orange chicken. Considering I am not using thick breading, heavy oil, and only using chicken breast meat. This panda express orange chicken recipe taste very similar but is considerably healthier

-Sliced Chicken breast into 1″ cubes
-3 eggs beaten to dip chicken
-Corn Starch to dip chicken after egg dip
-Orange juice (to marinate sliced chicken for 1+ hour)
-Canola Oil to pan fry chicken (Instead of Vegetable oil / deep fry)
-1 orange sliced (used sliced while frying threw out)
-Green onion sliced (added to chicken during all stages of cooking)
-Salt (added to egg dip and chicken while cooking)
-Valencia Orange peel flakes (optional added during all stages of cooking)
Panda Express Orange Sauce (added at the end once oil is drained for one final fry w/ sauce)

NOTE: I also made simple brown rice rice green onion and a bit of orange sauce for a complex carb. For vegetables I simply cut up a broccoli crown, used some baby carrots and a bit of light butter, garlic salts and a Tbsp of orange sauce w/ 1 oz of water in a covered pot cooked on medium heat.

Panda Express Orange Chicken recipe Instructions:
panda express orange chicken recipe instructions. This is my personal panda express orange chicken recipe except much healthier and lower in fat.

1) Add Canola oil to pan 1/4″ deep and on high heat.
2) Dip 1″ cuts of chicken into egg mix, then into a bowl of corn starch coating evenly (unlike Panda’s recipe I don’t use flour, to reduce calories/carbs)
3) Add coated chicken pieces into pan with hot oil w/ 1/4c green onion & Valencia orange peel extract (optional).  Leave space between pieces, do not over-fill the pan, cook in multiple batches (I did 3 batches like this).
4) Cook 3-4 minutes per side or until golden brown, flipping once.  After they are fully golden in color drain fat, then place chicken on paper towel pad drying excess oil. Use a new pan or rinse the oil off existing pan.
5) place  chicken from paper towel back in a medium-high heated pan, and add about 4-5 Tbsp of Orange Chicken sauce. (I used Panda Express brand.  Continue to stir 3-5 minutes or until thickened.


This panda express orange chicken recipe should create chicken that taste really close to panda style and it’s a lot healthier. There are more natural flavors using 100% OJ to marinate, real orange peel extract as seasoning, and a fresh orange along with the orange sauce. Panda uses rice wine, flour, a deep fryer w/ vegetable oil, minced garlic, and sesame oil so this is definitely a variation of the recipe.  I’ve tested out this panda express orange chicken recipe, it’s not too hard and it works.

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