Online Client Seb photos – 2014 Miami Pro Fitness Modeling Contest

I wanted to say Congrats to my client Seb for competing & placing in his first competition.  He competed in the Fitness model category in the  Miami Pro 2014 World Championships.  It was held this weekend in Hertfordshire in the UK.  Here are some of the photos of Seb from the show.  Seb is an […]

February Online Training slots available (SOLD OUT)

February training slots now available at a first come first serve basis. Contact to inquire about availability:   My Online Training Packages are different. Completely tailored & customized around YOU, YOUR goals, YOUR resources, YOUR schedule, YOUR lifestyle, YOUR limitations, YOUR preference.  All packages include a customized: * Weight training plan * Cardio & […]

Cyber Monday Supplement Deals (selling fast):

Obviously everything online is on sale today.  Here are just a couple deals I’ve found so far.  I’m currently stocked up but if you need Whey, Casein, or Multivitamin, right now is the time to buy.  You can click any of the supplements to be re-directed to the purchase link.  Most are selling really fast […]

Apex Online Client Progress Upate: Jake C, US Army Blackhawk Pilot:

Here is a progress shot of one of my Military clients, Jake.  He’s been an online client for a while now and he’s one of the hardest working clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  The majority of his dieting and training under me has been with limited food choices and resources, on a strict […]

7 Weeks into Apex Routine – Shevahn Client update Progress:

I wanted to share the latest update / progress photos from my client Shevahn.  She is 7 weeks into an Apex program and has been doing above average.  She doesn’t compete or anything but you couldn’t tell!  She also is one of those clients who follow instructions really well. I have her on special variation […]

Product Review: True Gentlemen’s Jerky

First let me say Thanks to TGJ for sending me their new Jerky product to try.  They never asked for any type of review but I figured I would since I do eat Jerky from time to time.  Jerky is something you can have on most diets when it fits your macros and rules of […]

Congrats to Online Client Maranda (Mother of 3) 1st place in her first bikini competition!

I’m very proud of Maranda for working so hard.  She listened to every single thing I said, I couldn’t ask for a better online client.  What makes her story so unique and inspirational, is she is a mother of 3, and her youngest was just 9 months old when we started this contest prep routine.  […]

What’s in your gym bag? Here’s the contents in mine:

I just received my new Vitargo gym bag in the mail from my sponsor GENr8 (Thank you).  I’m switching over all the contents from my old MuscleTech bag now. I received this bag from them personally at the MuscleTech HQ in Canada. It’s completely trashed now after much use over the years. Broken shoulder strap, […]

Nasser El Sonbaty Champion of the 90’s (RIP) – Video by Mr. Zhasni

Nasser El Sonbaty (RIP) – video by Mr. Zhasni. Nasser El Sonbaty is one of the original old school “Mr. Olympian” Bodybuilders. He passed away March 20th 2013. He had a very long and successful bodybuilding career being one of the “stars” of the 90’s;  Invited to the Mr. Olympia 10 consecutive times and competing […]

Fedor Emelianenko changed his FaceBook pic to my Mothers Painting

Fedor Emelianenko is such a stand up guy.  He’s near impossible to get an interview with from America so I was honored he threw up a painting by my mother as his default profile pic on Facebook. It seems ridiculous to care about, but keep in mind Fedor is such a hard guy to speak with and at […]