Latest Motivational Bodybuilding Video Masterpiece by Mr. Zhasni:

Another great motivational bodybuilding video from our friend Mr. Zhasni.   This one was Sponsored by

Ronnie Coleman Interviews with Apex Contest Prep

Q) What got you started in bodybuilding? I got started in bodybuilding when the owner of Metroflex gym Brian Dobson offered me a free membership to the gym if I competed. I already had a background in powerlifting and football before I was offered this free membership so I had a pretty decent physique. It […]

Client Video: Supplement review of BPI sports 1MR & Super Pro. Also a review of Myofusion by Gaspari Nutrition:

Her are two video supplement reviews by Client Ovais Khan.  Subscribe to his Youtube Channel Here to see future videos related to Dieting, Training, Supplements, Bodybuilding, and other related topics.  These videos are really informative, personally I can say that I just tried 1MR for the first time last week, and I can say it […]

Interview: Dave Bohr sitting down with Interviews Dave Bohr about Online Personal Training: Here is another interview with that was recently published. I speak subjects such as Online personal training my hybrid HITT/LISS cardio, as well as a style of IF (intermittent fasting) that I use. Check it, click the link below to be re-directed:

Client video, breaking down Intermittent Fasting, Alternate day fasting, & Ramadan fasting:

Checkout this video by one of my clients and good friend Ovais.  He goes over fasting with lots of detail, but simple enough for most of us to understand.  Definitely worth a watch:  

Mr. Zhasni’s Apex Contest Prep Motivational video:

Checkout this new training video my buddy Mr. Zhasni created for me! He always does a really great job. If you struggle with motivation to head to the gym I suggest you give this a watch:

Interviewing with

Here is an Interview I did with RippedPhysique recently, you can view what I discuss by clicking the photo below to be re-directed:

Congrats Adam Hinton, for placing 2nd at the Nationals! *822lb Squat video inside*

Congratulations to my good friend/training partner Adam Hinton for placing 2nd in the nation this weekend! Here he is squatting 822lbs & making it look easy:  

Free Sample of “Real Gains” by Universal Nutrition:

Universal Nutrition is giving away free samples of their new weight gainer, which has “ideal macros” in each serving for bulking. Why pass when it’s free? Just enter your address, and you’re done. Click the photo to be re-directed to enter your address.

Mr. Zhasni video update:

Here is another great video from our friend Mr. Zhasni. If you need motivation before going going to the gym, I would recommend that you give this a watch, along with some of his other videos: