Pauline Nordin from Fighter Diet: Interview (Part 2)

 Apex: So it’s been awhile since our last Interview.  What has changed since then if anything?

Pauline: Fighter Diet has grown. Hitting one million on social media in a few weeks! I also launched my fitness solution Live Life Lean which is built around a workout and diet app. I’m very excited about this project. On a personal level I moved from Los Angeles to Miami Beach, stayed 9 months and just got back to California again. Interesting year I must say!

























Apex: What is the main obstacle most struggle with trying to start a new Diet & Training routine?

Pauline: Consistency. People fail to realize that a few days good followed by some bad =no results. There are two camps: the good diet followers who just don’t push it in the gym and we have the hard workers in the gym who never miss a workout but refuse to accept you can not out train a bad diet.

Apex: Could you break down what a typical training week looks like for you?

Pauline: I recently discovered burpees lol! I’m addicted. I work out twice a day:

Monday: burpees am, stair mill run intervals pm, stretching

Tuesday: burpees am, back, rear delts pm

Wednesday: quads, glutes am, pecs/abs stretch pm

Thursday: burpees am, pm; this can vary depending on how sore I am

Friday: some kind of cardio am, delts, abs pm

Saturday: deadlifts, hamstrings, glutes

Sunday: leftovers. (arms, calves, abs)

I try to take days off but usually don’t unless I travel. I love traveling and think it’s perfect so I can’t work out. I even don’t pack workout clothes so I can not go!

Apex: To date have you ever had any injuries or Gym accidents?

Pauline: hamstring injury 2002 that never healed properly so it’s been my recurring issue (deep scar tissue building), a few times I increased my running too fast from nothing to all out and couldn’t walk on my foot for 2 months. It wasn’t a stress fracture, just swelling thank god! My feet have always been weak. The common elbow pain, glute pain, lower back pain, etc = been there done that but worked it out by diligent prehab work, massage, trigger point therapy on my self and better training technique.

Knock on wood but I seem to have good solid knees and shoulder joints. They have not bothered me and I’ve pushed the envelope a lot.
























 Apex: Top 3 cheat foods?

Pauline: I don’t do cheats, I treat ;-). My treat favorites… Hard to choose! So many! It’s easier to say what I do NOT like! Things I love but “never” eat: toblerone, Ben & Jerry’s.

Treat meals: sushi with mayonnaise on top (like swimming in it), a special butternut squash concoction with cranberries and olive oil they make at wholefood, roasted macadamia nuts, or 2 lbs of grilled fatty salmon! Yup I can eat a lot!

Apex: Top 3 healthy foods?

Cabbage, eggs, salmon.

Apex: You’re very accomplished already but do you have any new Health & Fitness goals your working towards?  Or at this point is it more of maintenance?

Pauline: I don’t consider myself accomplished! I have no PhD! 🙂 in my world I’ll never be ‘good enough’ because I chose to go another path in life than attending university. I always fluctuate in what I like my body to look like. Sometimes smaller and leaner, sometimes more muscle voluptuous. I cut 10 lbs of muscle at one time, my body hated it. I regained and then some. Now I’m bigger and leaner than I used to be back when I had the most muscle. But this time around it sits on me better. I’m 5’2 and 121-122. I like this condition when I have my good days but of course I can feel ‘fat’ and bloated too like everyone else. I will never cut down muscle again. It was a pain in the ass, took a year for me to do it and I missed training heavy.

Gaining muscle =my constant desire as long as I don’t get chubby. This means my nutrition is extremely important. if I don’t eat 100% on the money I gain fat and muscle. I want only muscle.

Health goals: I’m a little bit of a ‘elimination junkee’. I like to just cut out stuff for no reason but to test my discipline. Lately I cut out all stevia. I cut out waldenfarm dressing. I don’t do it for a health reason though. It’s more of a personal thing to test myself how much I want to do it.

Health long term: to gain as much muscle as I can now so I have lots to maintain as I get older!





















Apex: What are the top 3 groups women most want to focus on?   From my experience it’s Shoulders, Glutes, & Hamstrings? What is your favorite movement for each of the 3 groups?

Pauline: Standing db presses with forced reps (push press) on the end, deadlifts and deadlifts.

Apex: You’re currently writing a few eBooks related to fitness?  What type of topics can people expect to be covered?

Pauline: Hm.. Ive had 40 come and go lol. which ones are you referring to? One of the recent ones is a high fat loss diet plan in rotation with ‘regular fighter diet’ days. It’s very popular!















Apex: Do you feel it’s possible for any woman to achieve a physique like a “figure athlete” without actually lifting heavy weights?

Pauline: If they do that they must be extremely genetically gifted! I’ve never seen someone do well who didn’t have a gymnast background. Track and fields = usually not good enough on upper body.




























 Apex: What would you say is one of the biggest “myths” in the world of Health, Fitness, & Dieting?

Pauline: That you can’t grow muscle eating your carbs from veggies! If that was the case then how on earth did I do it?

Another one is that women can’t be on the pill and gain muscle. That isn’t true for everyone. I was on the birth control pill for a decade while I built my physique, competed in the IFBB figure pro circuit AND there was no problem for me to gain muscle. Birth control pills bind up women’s free testosterone. Mine was on the low end of normal range consistently. The thing is women seem to rely more on growth hormone for muscle building rather than testosterone. It explains why women with PCOS don’t build muscle easier than those who don’t have excess androgens. SO the myth I want to debunk is ‘hormones are not everything’.


Apex: Thank you Pauline.


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