Pauline Nordin IFBB Pro Interview

I had the pleasure to Interview IFBB pro Pauline Nordin this week.  She’s extremely intelligent and one of the most disciplined dieter’s I have ever met.  Read on, and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Pauline Nordin Interview

Q) What are some of the peaking techniques you apply when preparing for a show or big photo shoot to come in hard/lean/dry & full?

I stay very lean all year round because I suck at peaking! My body doesn’t respond very well to carb loading but when I do have a snickers or so before pumping up my body gets drier and vascular. I don’t like eating it though because I don’t like “ruining” my food, so it rarely happens even though I know I look better doing it. I can trick myself better into having a clif bar or two haha.

Pauline Nordin Interviews with online personal trainer: Dave Bohr From Apex Contest Prep

Q) Do you have any specific exercises or dieting techniques that you created on your own?

Yes, fighter diet. It’s the concept for staying ripped 365 days a year without starving yourself. It’s the only diet concept I know which deals with preventive eating on a very serious level!


Q) What are some of the mistakes you would say you’ve made from the time you started up until today?

I don’t feel I did mistakes because they shaped my mindset and I had a reason for doing what I did.  Here is a good article to spin off


Q) What are the main condiments that you use consistently when during the off season and while strict dieting?

Year round mustard addiction!

Q) Could you discuss some of the turning points over the years evolving as an athlete that helped transition a diet, supplement, or exercise routine into an actual “lifestyle” for you?

In 2005 when I became the Jillian Michaels of Scandinavia in the Biggest Loser show. I was going to be on TV daily, filming and no way would I want to look smooth! So from that point (2005) I just acknowledged I would need to really be consistent and stop having cheat days like everyone else.  When I moved to America I got an epiphany too that nobody forced me to do what I did, nobody told me to be ripped 365 days a year but i WANTED it and then I couldn’t keep on complaining it was hard! I just got real about it and created my concept fighter diet so enable to look ripped, feel full and be happy and healthy.


Pauline Nordin

Q) So you were the coach for the Swedish team on Nordic version of the biggest loser?  Have you considered or do you have any plans to do something similar while here?

Sure if I have the opportunity. I love doing TV!

Q) What advice would you give to women concerned with staying petite/small but fear weight training techniques such as going to “failure”?

There is no way you’re going to get too big if you keep your diet in check and work on getting lean. We have less muscle than we think and most of it disappears as you get leaner. Not working hard and heavy will just keep women skinny fat.

Q) Can you break down how an average training week looks for you currently?

AM cardio, pm weight training and cardio. Since I want to be ripped all the time my training is like constant contest prep. 2 hours of cardio a day is a mainstay 5-6 days a week.


Q) Do you ever count your calories & macros, or weight/measure your food?  If not at what point did you stop doing so and why?

 Yes I count calories, protein and fat. I weigh and measure everything and been doing since I started 1999. I eat the same stuff every day more or less except for re-feeds when it’s clearly different. I keep notes about my body every day. Temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, perceived energy levels, sleep etc. I am very meticulous.  I keep track on my protein cause it tends to get excessively high unless I monitoring it! I don’t ever count carbs, and I only count calories to keep my totals in check.

Pauline Nordin Interviews with: Personal trainer - Dave BohrQ) What are the top 3 protein, fat, & carb sources you would say you have over an average year?

Top 3 proteins: lifetime fat free cheese, pink salmon, vp2 protein powder. Carbs: cabbage, broccoli, kabocha. Fats: fish oil, pistachios, cocoa nibs.

Q) Are there any random acts of training throughout your regular day, such as curling grocery bags as you walk in the door, or skip stairs while going up them to mimic a lunge and end the step with a calve raise?

NEVER. I am a couch potato. I do not exercise in my free time!!!


Q) As much as you’ve already accomplished as an athlete.  What goals you have set for yourself professional & personally?

Be known for my motivational writings. Write a book. Have or be on a TV show. It would be cool to be a spokesperson for many more companies I love to death.


Q) Are there any supplements that are not considered common that you take regularly?

Nice question! YES, I take these “special ones”: strontium. Bone health!




Pauline Nordin Interview

Q) How often would you estimate you have a cheat day or meal, and what type of food choice do you usually go for?

Once every blue moon. I can show you my record: last pizza: June 27th 2008. Before that my first and only hamburger September 21st 2006. Before that first and only Krispy Kreme donuts march 13th 2006. I remember them because they are so few. OH! I forgot, I had a cheesecake may 14 2008 and a ben & jerry in April this year after a shoot.

NOW I have re-feeds, usually one time a week, but sometimes it goes months without it. I rotate calories more, maybe three days of 1000 calories more, then go back to lower than normal. Works wonders to recharge and get body happy. Re-feeds means carb loading and not big on fats. I eat kabocha, oat meal, rice etc. I do love protein bars but I eat them as treats cause they are not good food, they are candy. : )


Thanks Pauline for your time.

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