POGAMAT XXL: Apex Product Review

This weekend I was sent the new PogaMat from the manufacture to review and give my unbiased opinion on:



The PogaMat is a essentially a high end Yoga/Exercise Mat; but it’s also a multi-purpose mat that has a lot of other practical applications.  I received their top model; the XXL which is is 48”x78”x6mm thickness, weighs approximately 16lbs and retails for $149.  It’s huge, large enough for two people.  A standard yoga mat is around 24×68” (less than half the size).  Yoga mats range in thicknesses from 2 mm (lightweight) to 4–5 mm (standard or “classic”).  This matt is extra thick at 6mm.  Even on my hardwood floors it offers a lot of support and padding providing a really comfortable surface to work with.

Poga Mat

They also have an XL model that is 27”x78”x6.5mm for $69.  I’ll attach a product link withiin the photo below:



Overall I am really impressed with this mat for home, or gym use and plan to actually use it!  Anyone bringing this to a Yoga Class is going to have the best mat in the room every time, period.  As a trainer I think it’s also a great piece of equipment to have for in-home or outdoors training.  House call’s you would be surprised how much an experienced trainer can accomplish with a client using just a set of exercise bands, a high quality mat and an exercise ball.


You can purchase the XL or XXL model at their official website www.PogaMat.com Also I have a coupon code for an adjustable shoulder strap (normally $14.95 / pictured below) Free if using coupon code: PogaMatFreeStrap