Antonio Wright – Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

I learned about Dave after reading his first interview with and I was just amazed at what he was able to accomplish with his body. Prior to joining, I had already done what some would consider to be amazing. I went from 300lbs to to a lean 180. I appeared in‘s world wide ad. However, I knew I had reached my potential at that time and I needed a teacher.
So, I signed and my progress has been amazing since then. Working with Dave, I got to my leanest body-fat % to date. His meal plan and training plans are top notch and easy to understand. Not only does Dave teach you the how but he teaches you why. That is what separates him from the trainers who want to string you along and milk you. You’re given the tools and knowledge to do it on your own.
I have progressed so far, that I only check in with Dave every once in a while. A year ago, I wouldn’t even imagine how knowledgeable I have become regarding supplements, nutrition and training.
If you want to take your physique to the next level, Dave Bohr is the way to go!