Brooks Cuzick. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

What can’t I say about Dave Bohr that’s positive? Well the truth is I can’t find anything. Dave is by far the most influential, intelligent, out-going, all around good guy I’ve ever met. I still till this day am amazed by how far he has come in his career and how he continues to expand not only my knowledge but also his. There is a certain shock factor when you met a real personal trainer who has been what you’re going through and already knows the outcomes of just about any situation. Quite frankly when I first met Dave I thought wow this guy is legit. You look @ him in awe and think what will it take to get to that point. Dave has sat down and spent HOURS talking to me about my goals and how I can get there. Whatever your goal may be, he can get you there.  Whenever I had a question, Dave had an answer right on the spot. What I’ve noticed a lot too is that Dave actually takes the time to listen to his clients and personalize everything to them specifically. Just within the first ten sessions of working with Dave I’ve seen huge NATURAL increases of size and strength just by doing things slightly different. If your serious about getting in shape, putting on mass, or ANY other goal that is fitness or health related…I strongly recommend Dave Bohr to be by your side. I look forward to working with Dave again very soon. Thanks Dave for all your hard work and using what time you have to get my ass into gear.


Sincerely your friend,

Brooks Cuzick