Corey Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

Corey G (2)

I did quite a bit of searching for an online personal trainer that was credible as well as reason able in price to help guide me through my first physique competition prep. I finally landed on Dave Bohr’s website and instantly knew this guy and his organized problem was for me. We initially started on a bulk diet that I thought was impossible, I thought this guy was crazy! But he walked me through every step and after a few weeks I started to actually get hungrier despite my high calorie diet! My metabolism shot and it’s just what I needed to bring me down on a good cutting transformation. I started at 18% body fat and he was able to get me down to 5% on competition day which I thought was impossible. I also cut my training and diet a month short and was able to adapt to this as well. I am very pleased with Dave handled me as a trainer, but also as a human being. He is very humble, fun and very informative. If I ever go through another competition, I will definitely going through him once again for any help needed.

Thank you Dave!

-Corey G.