Dennis Lam. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client


It was without a doubt that my few training sessions with Dave were
extremely beneficial to my workout routine. He trained me in person at
my college gym, and knew every single piece of equipment that was
available and how to properly use them. Not only did Dave train me,
but he also tweaked my regular workouts to help enhance my body
building. The training sessions were extremely intense and each and
every exercise was unique which shocked my muscles, allowing them to
grow exponentially. After my first session, my muscles were extremely
PUMPED and FATIGUED which made me realize that he knew exactly what he
was doing. Furthermore, his coaching and advice allowed me to further
grasp how to work out properly and enabled me to work out today on my
own without the need to constantly rely on a trainer. I started out at
131lbs and within a 3 month time frame gained up to 152lbs! In
addition, I maxed on decline bench 115lbs and during that three months time
frame, I added 95lbs to it, ending up with a max of 225lbs which is
still increasing by the day.

– Dennis Lam –¬†