Jacob Debbs. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

I have come across many diet plans in the past. I have tried implementing every diet I could find in my favorite bodybuilding magazines, Internet, even using some diet plans of the pros today. Those plans included high calorie consumption to the anabolic low-carb diet. But to no avail I found that those plans did nothing for me. I felt stuck in the middle. It was not until I stumbled upon someone named Dave Bohr on simplyshredded.com that I found the person that could help me. From the very start I could tell he wasn’t like the others out there pretending to care. He actually did. He really took the time to get to know me and my goals. He also did not rush in the creation of my plan. Each macro-nutrient tailor made specifically on helping “my” body reach it’s potential. How I was able to reach the age of twenty-five and not know the potential I had lying dormant under my skin is beyond me. The confidence I have now is unimaginable. Dave will get you to the finish line. But he will do it not just the correct way, but the correct way for you. I thank you Dave for your endless help and support.

— Jacob Debbs <jacobdebbsvfx@gmail.com>VFX Artist