Michael Petresky – Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my 4 years of weight training like many people do, and each time I have learned and improved upon my mistakes. One decision though that I have never looked back on was hiring Dave Bohr as a trainer and consultant. In the past 5 months since hiring Dave I have doubled my knowledge of weight training and diet. Thanks to Dave, I am more confident in my ability to effectively train towards my goals, whether they involve fat loss or building muscle. As a new personal trainer myself, I am very involved in educating myself on training, nutrition, and supplementation. For this reason I ask a very large number of questions frequently in order to better understand what Dave tells me to do. When I question what Dave tells me it is not because I do not trust his knowledge and experience, but because I simply want to fully understand the rationale behind his decisions. Dave takes great care to answer any of my questions and concerns fully without ever coming up short. The fact he can back up what he says is a trait I highly value. Working with Dave has been great and extremely effective. I have continued to make mistakes, but I have also learned a great deal, and I now know what to do in the future to improve my physique and achieve my goals. Since hiring Dave I no longer consider him as just a trainer and someone to consult on diet and exercise, but rather on any problem or issue that I am dealing with. Dave is more like a life mentor, and he is a great role model. I highly recommend working with him for any young and aspiring fitness professional or enthusiast looking to learn more and become closer to reaching his or her goals.

Michael Petresky – mpetresky@live.com