Ovais Khan – Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

Before I met Dave, I thought I was a bodybuilding know-it-all. I used to spend my time surfing the internet for everything I could know about losing weight, bodybuilding, supplements, and nutrition. I would spend my day on various forums and read various articles and would often come up with very little leads, misinformation, or even contradictions! I thought I was making at least better than average progress. However, I wasn’t fully able to understand all the concepts in diet and training to get the ripped physique I’ve always wanted. Being much more experienced, Dave was able to show me what is known and proven to work for getting to the goals I wanted. After training with Dave and following his diet plan for me, I started to see changes instantly. I was getting compliments from all my friends and a ton of my coworkers were noticing as well, it was a good feeling. Dave pointed me in the right direction for all components needed to create a bodybuilder. Finding the right the supplements and training routine can be different for everyone, and Dave figured out what worked for me.

Thank You Dave.

Ovais K,