Quinn Bowman. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

When you meet a man with Dave’s physique, almost anybody even slightly interested in personal fitness is going to want to ask questions, and ask I did. Dave and I talked about everything from diet and routine, to mental health and karma. It all helped. Taking note of Dave’s humble demeanor, strong advice, and immense knowledge I began to train in my room on my own with a set of 25 pound weights, my body, imparted knowledge, and a goal. After 5 months of 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, the right foods, the right frame of mind and having Dave around for reassurance and knowledge, I was in the kind of shape I never knew I could be in. Not only could I hardly recognize myself in the mirror after putting on 20 pounds of muscle but I started to find that my body was capable of feats I never thought it would be, and stronger in body and mind than I had ever known myself before.

If you’re looking for a gym pal to spot your bar and make small talk about things that don’t matter, go to somebody else. If your looking to have a guide in your life to help enact a change, help you realize your potential, understand your body, and feel the best you have ever been; there is nobody on earth as qualified as Dave is a¬†trainer, an inspiration, and a friend. I put my trust in nobody else.