Ryan Munoz. Trainer & Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

I’ve always been an athlete and an advocate of fitness but it seemed like no matter what I read in magazines or what supplements I took I was still out of reach of my goals. When I met Dave I was ALWAYS picking his brain and asking him what to eat and how to change my workout routine, it wasn’t until I started working with him until I realized how much of a science achieving my fitness goals were. Since working with I have gained 17lbs of muscle and lost 6% body fat, mind you I’m only 57″ with a medium frame now at 176 lbs. Not only did I completely change my physique but perform better on the football field, and track, not to mention the amazing strength gains I achieved as well. Anyone to work with Dave is privileged and will see a dramatic change in their life style as well as body.

– Ryan Munoz

NCSF Certified – soulrebel6@hotmail.com