Tony A. Apex Contest Prep Online Personal Training Client

Dave has been very instrumental in my success with bodybuilding. I decided one summer I wanted to have a bodybuilding show physique and setup a photo shoot with a professional photographer to motivate me to achieve my goals. That summer I joined a bodybuilding forum so I could obtain valuable information about proper diet and training. I posted several threads asking for some diet assistance. Dave wrote me personally and offered to help restructure my diet. He took my existing diet and made the necessary adjustments so that I would get the maximum results. Everyone hits a sticking point on their diet. Well I always would come to the same bump in the road and could never progress from there. Dave laid out the specific daily diet routine, supplementation, and cardio I needed to jump start my progress again.

After the first week on Dave’s modification to my diet, I started seeing results. Dave stayed in constant contact with me through email to adjust and tweak things as my diet went along. I was stuck around 224 lbs but within 5 weeks I got down to 212 lbs. Those last 10 or so pounds are the hardest to loose but account for the most visibility of your hard earned muscle. Dave helped me get there for the first time in my life. Dave also helped me write up my week preparation for my photo shoot. I was lean, dry, hard, and vascular for my shoot. Dave is very giving of his time and knowledge and knows how to get you the results you want. If you are motivated to succeed and listen to what he says. You will achieve your goals.