Progress photos of Apex client Josh H

I’ve been helping Josh for almost 2 years now.  This October I’ve had the privilege to finally meet and work with him and person which I have only been able to do with maybe 3% of my Online clients due to most being all over the world.  We had 3 really hardcore sessions while he was here, and I really pushed him to his limits.  He’s up about 8lbs since we last met a few weeks ago and looking much leaner already!

Here are the latest progress photo’s he sent to me, and in his own words 🙂

“Dude, my body has completely changed!! I’m up to almost 185, my weights I’m lifting have increased DRASTICALLY, and I’m still very lean! It’s insane, I feel so retarded for thinking I was training hard before, and even while in the gym with you I was pushing back the worrying thought in my head that I was going too long and over training…. Well, now I really do agree with Cutler and what he said in one of his vids. He said “As long as you’re taking in enough food, over-training is impossible”. I took that more as that’s just his perspective, because he’s extremely genetically gifted and has taken a lot of other stuff. But I guess for most of us, that’s rather correct actually. “


josh H

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