• Jake C. US Army BlackHawk Pilot #ApexDiets Online client:

    “From having experienced many trainers, Dave Bohr has set the standard of what an unprecedented training coach/mentor should emulate. His unrivaled focus to his clients, let alone myself is truly unmatched. Dave treats me like a brother, continually reaches out and never fails to deliver his undivided attention. Anyone fortunate enough to experience his personal […]

    January 15 2016
  • Heather Glovack IFBB Pro – Trainer & Client

    Dave was such a big help throughout my competition prep, he is extremely knowledgeable and educated in his field of expertise. I would recommend Dave for competition prep or even if you are just looking for a healthy way to reach your ultimate fitness and health goals! -Heather Glovack – h.glovack@gmail.com / Coreology Yogo Instructor.

    June 15 2015
  • Maranda D. IFBB Pro Client / Trainer:

    Dave Bohr has completely changed my whole outlook on life and it’s situations… Being a single mother of three, having hypothyroid, and owning a business everyone loved to tell me, “be realistic,” “you’re too busy,” “with three kids, your body will never look like that,” and “you just don’t have enough time.” For me, that […]

    September 6 2014
  • Corey Online Client:

    I did quite a bit of searching for an online personal trainer that was credible as well as reason able in price to help guide me through my first physique competition prep. I finally landed on Dave Bohr’s website and instantly knew this guy and his organized problem was for me. We initially started on […]

    June 19 2014
  • Rachel Online Client:

    Working with Dave has really been one of the best things I could’ve done for myself. In only 10 weeks I’ve pretty much changed my life…Not only did he help me take my fitness to another level, getting me in the best shape of my life, he also taught me so much along the way […]

    June 18 2014
  • Christina Beling:

    When I decided to do a bikini competition I was given the name of several different websites/online trainers from a friend who also does bikini competitions.  When I began looking into these particular websites, which were geared mainly for women and bikini division, I was unhappy with their cookie cutter approach towards nutrition and training not […]

    May 21 2013
  • Josh H. Client:

    I was struggling really bad with my diet. I couldn’t seem to get it on track to burn off the fat, was really nervous about cutting out too much food for fear of losing muscle. Decided to hit Dave up, because I had been following his Twitter for a few years and definitely seen him […]

    August 8 2012
  • Ovais Khan

    Before I met Dave, I thought I was a bodybuilding know-it-all. I used to spend my time surfing the internet for everything I could know about losing weight, bodybuilding, supplements, and nutrition. I would spend my day on various forums and read various articles and would often come up with very little leads, misinformation, or […]

    June 16 2012
  • Alex Goldberg

    Dave Bohr helped change my life around. I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to the world of bodybuilding and fitness, and thought I had taken the right steps, I got my N.A.S.M certification. I was majoring in a related field, and I was working on transforming my body as well as the bodies of […]

    May 5 2012
  • Client Transformation: Joe Whipkey

    Client Transformation: Joe Whipkey I started off with no idea what to do, and decided to give Apex a try. Came out with a diet and workout plan and they were very easy to follow. I decided to get the 3 month plan, but when I plan on competing again, I plan on coming back […]

    May 2 2012
  • Nichole A.

    I am so lucky to have worked with Dave. Since day one he has not only been there for me as a coach, but also as a friend. He got me excited about my goals and continued to motivate me throughout the time I was working with him. He makes himself available to you whenever […]

    May 1 2012
  • Lais De Leon

    I started working with Dave at Apex Contest Prep initially to help me peak for my last few show and photo shoots.  He taught me how to make those final adjustments I needed to make me peak for a show but didn’t know how.  I was so happy with the results, we continued working together […]

    May 1 2012