Ronnie Coleman Interview – With Apex Contest Prep Part 2

mr olymia interview with apex contest prep

I had a chance to speak with Ronnie Coleman to do a follow-up interview to our first.  I wanted to focus on what retirement life is like after Olympia when you are the most successful Bodybuilder of all time. Ronnie has more 1st place wins in Professional Bodybuilding more than any man in history. He also holds the record for the most Mr. Olympia titles, which is currently at 8x.  Read on to see what we discussed.


Q) In the past you’ve worked a full-time Police officer job while training for Mr. Olympia each year, which is a full-time job in itself. Factor in cooking all of those meals, in addition, there is little time left in the day. Now that you’re retired from competing, have you been doing more with your free time?


A) “Free time? Well, I’m busier now than I was when I competed, way busier, there is hardly any Free time. I’m doing a 6 month US tour with GNC, we do 2 and sometimes 3 GNC store appearances a day. Then our supplement line Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is in over 100 countries so I have to take breaks from the GNC tour to do tours internationally. I’m in Singapore at the moment doing an Asian tour here. This tour is only 3 weeks long but our Australian tour earlier this year was about 6 weeks long so I’m really super busy now that I’m so-called retired, this is the busiest I’ve ever been in life.”

Q) What would you say is the biggest difference with your training post-retirement vs. training for a competition?


A) “The biggest difference in my training now is that I only train 5 days a week instead of 6 days a week. I also don’t train half as heavy as I did when I was competing.”

Q) Has your diet loosened up since retiring? Are there any blacklisted foods from the past that you’ve allowed back into your life?

A) “My diet has not changed at all since I retired, I still eat the exact same foods today that I ate when I competed.”

Q) How are your Ronnie Coleman Signature supplements doing? From what I’ve seen they all have really good reviews so far. Are there any new exciting products you can tell us about?

A) “My supplement company is doing great, we are in 100 countries so far and plan to expand to many more in the future, we’ve only been in business for 14 months.

We have 4 products now, a pre-workout Myo-Blitz, a Testosterone enhancer nitric oxide product called Testogen-XR, a sleep and recovery product called Resurrect P.M. and a protein called Pro-Antium. We will be releasing 4 products next month, a fat burner called Phenbuterol-XS, an amino acid fat burning product called Amino-tone, a pure whey protein isolate called Isotropic Max and we’re releasing our Testosterone product in Pill form which is currently a powder. We are also releasing a Nitrix capsule, a Creatine product, and a Glutamine product.”

Q) Have you ever considered coming out of retirement to compete in the Masters class?

A) “Yes, I will come out of retirement to compete at the Masters and soon as my body heals from my latest surgery hopefully in 2013.”

Q) I see you recently went to China and had a massive greeting from the Chinese people. How was your experience over there?

A) “My experience in China was great, I have a huge following there and the fans always turn out in droves to see me. We are (RCSS) high successful there. I look forward to visiting them again next year as they have already invited me back.”

Q) What was your most memorable moment in bodybuilding competition in all your years of competing since winning since 1990?

A) “It will always be my very first Mr. Olympia win in 1998, nothing else in life comes close to that.”

Q) If you could go back to change anything or do anything different, would you?

A) “No not really, the only thing that comes close is when I was squatting 800lbs, I thought it was going to be very heavy but it wasn’t and I did 2 easy reps, if I would have known it was going to be that light I would have done 5 reps, that’s my only regret.”

Q) Do you have any plans to release any more Ronnie Coleman documentaries?

A) “Yes when i get healthy enough to the point where I decide for sure to do the Masters Olympia.”

Q) What are the top 3 tips you would give to a bodybuilder trying to make it into a career?

A) “Well the first thing i would say is to find a personal trainer who you can afford, make sure the trainer you use is knowledgeable, and make sure you know he is highly recommended.”


Q) Where can people find and purchase your new supplements?

A) “My supps are available at or your local GNC.


Q) What’s next for Ronnie Coleman? Any future plans?

A) “Next for me is to train and mentor our latest endorser Shawn Rhoden, we just signed him to our brand RCSS and I plan to take him to the next level, to become Mr. Olympia.”

Thank you Ronnie for your time, it’s always a pleasure.

” If you have any questions about anything Dave, be sure to let me know..