Memorial Day Sale 20% off ALL Online Training Packages:

 Memorial Day Sale 20% off ALL Online Training Packages: ^ Contact now by clicking for a Free price quote & consultation ^   This Memorial Day through the first week of June, you can save 20% off all online personal training packages.  This is right before my busy season so I’ll be opening 10 online […]

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Sold Out: Thanksgiving Sale: EXP: 11/30/16

Apex Online Training Thanksgiving Sale: This Thanksgiving my annual sale will last 10 days to get 10% off all Online Training Packages! Slots are very limited this year, so I can only fill 3 slots.  This is also why unfortunately I could only run the sale 10 days this year vs. the entire month of […]

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My Annual New Year’s Sale expires in just 1 week!

new years sale

  (Thank you all that participated in this year’s sale, unfortunately, I had to end it early from hitting my monthly capacity of new clients.  Check back often for new Sales & Promotions.  Thanks again!)     Are you ready to make some changes this year?  There is still time with 1 week left to […]

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(Expired) Summer Sale – My Top 2 Selling Online Packages 15% Off:

This was a great sale, but unfortunately had to come to the end September 23rd.  I really look forward to working with all who participated.  I picked up a lot of fun and interesting clients, we have a lot of work to do! Top 2 Selling Online Packages 15% Off!   I will be extending my […]

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In-Person Rates

Single Session – $150 (I’m currently booked but you may use my contact form to be submitted to my waiting list) I do not charge by the hour, but rather as long as it takes to complete our workout.  It may take 60 minutes or 90+ minutes depending on the workout we go with that […]

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Online Training Rates:

Customized Diet: Once I have a clear understanding of you and your goals. I will create from scratch a diet for you. It will clearly break down meals, carbs, fats, protein, and calories for each day or rotation. I have a large variety of diets I use. All are flexible to you once I understand […]

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