Shaker Cup Review:

If you’re an athlete or weight train, shaker cups can be extremely useful.  I always recommend to my clients & friends (especially busy ones) to get a several at least a week’s worth and pre-fill them with your protein & supplements so you can just grab one as you need.  Such as when heading out the door for work, the gym, or when lazy at the house and need a quick protein source.  The same applies to your gym bag, I usually have one I grab from home for my pre workout (Vitargo &  Modern BCCA‘s) As well  as one in my bag for post workout (VitargoModern BCAA‘s & Hydrolyzed Whey)  It just makes life easier and you can spend 10 minutes filling 10 bottles at a time, to setup your week.  Anyway I have used all the ones in this photo so let me break them down by type and give my thoughts.

Blender Bottle Classic: 

 That would be the 3 pictured from the left.  This is the main type of bottle I personally use. This one is a 28oz bottle.  The reason it works really well, they do not leak, and they are cheap.  The blender bottle was also the first of its type to come on the market that changed the way shaker cup’s work.  It’s a fairly simple design, one of the type’s that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it first considering how successful this thing is.  It works by utilizing a sphere shaped whisk ball that shakes around the cup and springs as it does breaking apart any solid clumps in your supplements.  It takes about 20-30 seconds to mix whey protein well and 5-10 seconds for most other powder supplements.  This is probably my #1 recommendation; you can find them for $7.49 shipped at Amazon:

Blender Bottle Sportmixer: 

This is the one pictured in the middle.  I would definitely say this bottle is an upgrade from the previous blender bottle.  I will bring this type with me when I go training for a few reasons.  First the diameter is smaller at the top, so it’s easier to hold.  It also rubber grips on the top making it easier to grip.  Finally you have much more control over opening/closing to drinking tab with the added loop.  You can pick this one up for $12.99 at Amazon.  Is it worth the extra $? I guess it depends, not really if you’re just mixing shakes at work or home.  If you’re athletic and get sweaty hands and plan to carry it around at the gym, I would recommend spending the extra $.

Spider Bottle!

 This bottle is actually really cool & works good.  The top lid is very easy to open/close. It seals very tight and has an uneven surface around the top so you can screw it off/on easier.  Instead of a whisk ball it has an odd hour glass shaped spring on the top.  But with little effort it comes down from the top smashing into the bottom of the cup, and actually mixes your supplements up really fast.  It also is triple threaded with 3 different sections.  The middle section contains a removable 3 section pill holder.  Or you can remove it for the entire space.  Finally the bottom is another empty section to hold your supplement powders.  I must admit I don’t really use these features, but if you think you might it’s kind of cool.  You can find this one for $9.99 on Amazon: however shipping is a little under $8 it comes out to about the same on I personally still use the blender bottle over this primarily because I prefer the 24oz compared to 16oz of this bottle, and don’t use the features.

SmartShake (Jay Cutler edition:)

This bottle is essential a spider bottle without the fancy whisk.  It has a top lid more similar to the original bender bottle.  One difference is inside is has a curved plastic mesh to break apart the powder.  I wouldn’t say it’s as effective.  The pill compartment is 4 way instead of 3, and the powder holder is about the same volume as the spider bottle.  Finally it has a detachable key chain holder.  You can find this for $11.39 + shipping on Amazon: Although this is a good cup I honest couldn’t recommend it when the previous two I mentioned exist.  

MusclePharm Shaker: 

This is the one on the far right.  This is basic 20oz shaker.  The lid and flap seals decent but not as tight as the blender or spider bottle.  If you shake it vigorously, it may leak slightly on your hand.  It has similar to the “SmartShake” a plastic curved mesh under the lid to break up supplements.  It is also easy to grip because it has indented sides which also serve as a measuring cup.  Now this one isn’t as fancy as any of the ones I mentioned and for sure would be considered the loser between them.  But it’s only $5 on so if you need to stock up on a bunch it’s worth considering.


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