If you are in New York, NY – Check out my clients Café, Skinny Buddha.

Skinny Buddha is owned and operated in Westchester New York by two online personal training clients of mine. Shaka a Boxer and Personal Trainer, and Elyce, an Organic Vegan Chef.

They have been with me now for several years, most recently renewing for a 3rd time. Both are Vegan and have made incredible progress on a 100% Organic and Vegan based diet with my guidance.

Their Café, Skinny Buddha has won 1st place, 3 years now by Westchester Magazine in 2 categories: “Best Health Food Café” and “Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant“. Elyce is nominated for “Best Chef” award, while Shaka has been nominated for “Best Personal Trainer“. They also have nominations such as “best, specialty Burger, salad, smoothie, and Vegan-friendly restaurant.

If you happen to be in or traveling to the Westchester NY area, check out Skinny Buddha. You can find out more with the above links as they go for win #4!