If you’re in New York, NY – Check out my clients Café, Skinny Buddha.

Skinny Buddha is owned and operated in Westchester New York by two online personal training clients of mine. Shaka a Boxer and Personal Trainer, and Elyce, an Organic Vegan Chef.

They have been with me now for several years, most recently renewing for a 3rd time. Both are completely Vegan and have made incredible progress on a 100% Organic Vegan based diet and routine under my guidance.

Their Café, Skinny Buddha has won 1st place, 2 years now by Westchester Magazine in 2 categories: “Best Health Food Café” and “Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant“. Elyce is also nominated for a “Best Chef” award. If you happen to be in or traveling to the Westchester NY area, I highly recommend giving Skinny Buddha a try. You can find out more with the above links as they go for win #3!