I just received “Thrive” Supplements to Review – My thoughts

I just received this package containing Thrive supplements so I could give them a try and review.  So far I’ve taken all 3 products.  The Thrive Capsules, Thrive Lifestyle mix, and the Thrive DFT patches.  Like all products I’m sent to try I try to remain as unbiased as possible.  Just about anything you take over the counter, over a the course of several days you’re not going to be able to give full credit too since there are so many factors, so it’s hard to comment on effectiveness.

Thrive Lifestyle mix I will say this, the lifestyle mix does taste great and has some pretty solid ingredients in it according to the label.  Including all essential vitamins & minerals, along with a 1595mg proprietary blend containing ingredients such as Oat fiber, Garcinia fruit extract, Caffeine from black tea, and the Probiotic Acidophilus.  My problem with proprietary compounds/blends is that you have no idea how much of which ingredients are allocated to the total MG.  So it’s a nice way for companies to add really popular and expensive ingredients in very low amounts JUST to be able to put it on the label.  You’ll often see this with expensive ingredients like CoQ10 for example in many products, when a large % of the total MG could be from cheap ingredients such as fiber.  If you’re consuming 10-100x + less than the average agreed upon daily dose it’s essentially useless.  I am not saying this is case with Thrive’s Lifestyle mix, this is just my .02 on Proprietary compounds in general.


Thrive Capsules: Similar to the Lifestyle mix, Thrive Capsules contain most of the same Vitmains/Minerals many at 100% + of your daily value which is a good thing.  They just obviously do not contain protein/carbs, or calories in general.  In addition to all B Vitamins, 1500iu of Vitamin A, Chromium, Selenium, and Vanadium these also contain a proprietary blend of various antioxidants, Acidophilus, Glutamine, L-Arginine, and different compounds containing Caffeine such as Guarana, Green Tea, White Willow Extract, and Green Coffee Bean.  I personally am sensitive to caffeine and didn’t notice any jitters or upset stomach when taking these on an empty stomach.  Like my previous statement any OTC supplement isn’t going to create an instant noticeable miracle, but I did feel more alert on these presumably from the caffeine.


Thrive DFT Patch: All 3 Thrive products are meant to be taken together in 3 stages, this is the 3rd and final product taken in their system.  It’s a simple patch that is applied over clean skin that remains on for 24 hours.  The Patch has some pretty big claims, in the words of thrive “Weight Managements, Mental Clarity, Appetite Control, Derma Fusion Technology, Metabolic Support, All Natural Time Released”.  Big claims always make me a bit skeptical especially when the play on words is so dramatic.  The ingredients in these patches are slowly released into the skin.  This is a process that potentially can work, there is actually a chemical called DMSO that has been used by bodybuilders throughout history taking hormones through the skin.  Not something I recommend obviously, but scientifically possible yes.  These patches contain Green Coffee Bean Extract (Caffeine), Garcinia Cambogia, CoQ10, White Willow Bark (similar to Aspirin), and Cosmoperine.  I actually did use this patch over the last 3 days/nights leaving on the entire 24 hours.  I do believe it slowly does release the ingredients simply because I found myself waking up to use the bathroom throughout the night several times, which isn’t typical for me!  A sign the diuretic effects of the Green Coffee Bean Extract continued on hours after application.  I can see the usefulness in this for someone who has a sensitive stomach to caffeine simply because of the alternative delivery method.  But it’s hard to comment on the other effects. I do agree with the overall mental clarity while on all 3 Thrive products, but this is almost expected with a constant steady dose of mild caffeine.


Overall I’m not sure if this is something I would actually purchase, but I would use it if I had it on hand for free, like now.  When it comes to purchasing supplements even being sponsored I only stick to the essentials that have been studied, known, and proven to work that have withheld the test of time.  The products overall though are easy to use, taste good, have solid ingredients, and big claims.  Thrive patches I also can see some potential benefit in if you suffer from joint pain and have a sensitive stomach to caffeine.www.chelseaparish2.le-vel.com

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