I started Vitargo POST from my sponsor, so far, so good!

I have been an fan of the regular Vitargo formula, long before they sponsored me.  This new Vitargo POST is a step up from the standard Vitargo carbohydrate supplement.  It contains a unique blend of Hydrolyzed Whey (The fastest acting protein, with the highest biological value) in addition to Vitargo.  It simply makes sense to add a fasting acting carb source post workout.  The “anabolic window” has been a mythical and debated time frame following intense exercise.  If you recently depleted a muscle groups glycogen via weight training, then followed that session taking Vitargo POST to replenish the localized expended glycogen, the increased Insulin spike creates an ideal window of time to shuttle in micro and macro nutrients such as protein into the cell.  Insulin after all is a storage hormone, more anabolic than Testosterone.

Vitargo POST

I have only been using Vitargo Post for a few weeks with a dedicated diet, and training.  There are so many factors linked to any progress achieved.  This makes it difficult to pin-point and credit specific supplements responsible for progression.  I can say however that I’m pleased so far with Vitargo’s new product.  It taste good just like their regular Vitargo, and so far I’m quickly gaining strength back at a consistent pace.  I’m excited to have this in my arsenal!



Visit www.vitargopost.com for more information on Vitrargo Post and their regular Vitargo Formula.