What’s in your gym bag? Here’s the contents in mine:

I just received my new Vitargo gym bag in the mail from my sponsor GENr8 (Thank you).  I’m switching over all the contents from my old MuscleTech bag now. I received this bag from them personally at the MuscleTech HQ in Canada. It’s completely trashed now after much use over the years. Broken shoulder strap, every zipper is broke, every pocket is torn and I can basically put my fist through the entire bag. I have to say this is one of the few things I can think of where I’m actually pleased about the fact that I wore this thing into the ground!

I wanted to display everything I’m transferring into my new gym bag.  Nothing special is added/removed, depending on when I were to post this the contents may be different.  For example I often have 2 types of towels for sweat during training & for swimming which you won’t see. I also may have different supplements/pre-workouts or other gear not shown. But today, here are the contents that happen to be in mine:

whats in your bag, whats in your gym bag?

What you’ll find in my bag today: Swimming trunks, swimming goggles, Blender Bottle shaker cup, Arginine AKG for pre-workout, Vitargo packets for pre/intra/post workout, training shoes, spare ear buds, Muay Thai gloves, Muay Thai hand wraps, wrist straps, & a handball to get some interactive cardio in.

I definitely need to add that towel! Drying off with the paper towel dispenser isn’t fun, which I’ve done more times than I’d like to admit!  Anyway This is what’s in my bag today, what’s in your bag?